Tempe, Ariz., Date — Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery and trial solutions, announced today the launch of their latest desktop technology, caSE Director 360, a powerful new way to manage every phase of the litigation lifecycle. The development of caSE Director 360 supports Ipro’s mission to bring simple, affordable, and automated solutions to the legal industry. From discovery to trial, Ipro has you covered.

caSE Director 360 is a dynamic dashboard that launches directly to EclipseSE 360, TrialDirector 360, Case Story and a host of other tools without the need to log into or switch between different programs. caSE Director 360’s intuitive interface includes a variety of tools, case utilities, recent Ipro news and events, and access to MyIpro and Ipro Community. This desktop suite puts the tech you need to manage your cases at your fingertips.

Ipro CEO, Kim Taylor, said, “caSE Director 360 is the swiss army knife of technology solutions and can handle all your small to medium size case needs. Even for your big cases, no matter what you use for review, caSE Director 360 will empower you to do more. Every firm and company should have this suite of tech tools in their arsenal.”

While the components of caSE Director 360 work as a standalone, bundling them together provides maximum benefit. The company will reveal details at LegalTech New York January 30 – February 1. Contact your sales rep or email sales@iprotech.com today to schedule a private demonstration at the show.

About Ipro Tech, LLC Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced eDiscovery and trial presentation software. With the introduction of caSE Director 360, Ipro provides solutions from discovery to trial. Ipro’s ADD Automated Digital Discovery® workflow platform helps customers organize, review, process and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity — more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. To learn more visit www.iprotech.com. To schedule a private demonstration, email sales@iprotech.com or go online to find a Partner today.