@ONEDiscoveryInc partners with @Brainspace to develop a platform connector.

ONE Discovery, a leading developer of eDiscovery processing, review, management and trial preparation solutions, partners with Brainspace, a machine learning platform used for conducting digital investigations, to develop a connector within the ONE Discovery platform.

Brainspace_ONE DiscoveryCompletely developed by ONE Discovery engineers, the Brainspace connector ensures seamless integration and enhanced functionality throughout the eDiscovery process.

“We are excited to have our industry leading machine learning platform deeply integrated within ONE Discovery’s platform,” said Ravi Sathyanna, vice president of technology at Brainspace. “This partnership will allow users to fully leverage Brainspace’s powerful visual analytics, supervised and unsupervised learning to dramatically accelerate review within ONE Discovery.”

“It’s important that our offerings continue to evolve in a way that matters and makes sense to our users,” said Elie Francis, founder and CEO at ONE Discovery. “User experience and practicality are key features in this continued evolution as is the elimination of human error. We are confident that our partnership with Brainspace will facilitate the eDiscovery process in new ways and enable users to find the information they need even more quickly and efficiently.”

The Brainspace/ONE Discovery partnership enables:

  • Real-time synchronization of Brainspace work product, which enables customers to search on and run batch processes from within ONE Discovery;
  • Automatic data validation and normalization handled by ONE Discovery to eliminate import errors while maximizing the effectiveness of the Brainspace engine;
  • Seamless future enhancements and support for new features and functionality around Brainspace releases;
  • One-click functionality, enabling users to build a Brainspace Dataset from any folder or record set in ONE Discovery, which eliminates the needs to create a build/dataset from within Brainspace and then manually importing data via the Brainspace import module;
  • Easy management of users and group permissions to access Brainspace functionality, thanks to ONE Discovery’s granular security model; and
  • An intuitive, easy way to ingest ESI and unstructured data into Brainspace.

About Brainspace Corporation

Brainspace Corporation is altering the field of digital investigations through the unique combination of machine learning technology and interactive data visualizations. Our unique solutions utilize our patented Brainspace platform and are leading the industry in text analytics, e-discovery, digital investigations and defense intelligence. Our customers include the Fortune 500, leading consulting firms, legal service providers, and government agencies.

About ONE Discovery

ONE Discovery created the only unified eDiscovery processing, review, management and trial preparation solutions built from the ground up for eDiscovery professionals, by eDiscovery professionals. Every piece of ONE Discovery’s platform – from the fair, flexible pricing model and instant scalability to the tiniest elements of the interface – was built with the user and real-world scenarios in mind. By combining best-in-class technology with unique eDiscovery know-how, ONE Discovery can deliver extreme system performance, unparalleled accuracy and defensibility, and the industry’s best overall user experience for service providers, large law firms, corporate counsel and more.

For more information, visit the company at www.onediscovery.com or follow ONE Discovery on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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