netDocShare is an innovative solution designed for Live View, Edit, Add, Attach, Sync, Search, and Provision NetDocuments content in Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, & Web apps.

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The key add-ons of netDocShare include

netDocShare SharePoint app: Live-View, add, edit, attach, search, sync & provision NetDocuments content in Microsoft SharePoint and easily add netDocShare Web Parts on SharePoint modern/classic pages.

netDocShare Teams app: Access any NetDocuments content in Microsoft Teams as a personal app, Team Channel Posts Tab, 1–1 Private Chat, and Teams Meeting.

netDocShare Hybrid Search: Search multiple NetDocuments content and Microsoft SharePoint content sources from one single integrated search interface in Microsoft SharePoint.

netDocShare Co-Authoring: Co-author Office (version 2013 or above) documents saved in NetDocuments right within Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft Teams using Office Client like Word, and Excel on their laptop.

netDocShare Sync: Perform bi-directional/one-way Synchronization of Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Files & Folder with NetDocuments content.

netDocShare Provisioning: Automate, Govern, Provision and Empower Microsoft Teams with NetDocuments content.

netDocShare Content Browser: Ability to look up and reference any NetDocuments content sources within your .NET, PHP, Java, or Full Stack web app.

netDocShare Attach: Look up and link NetDocuments content documents within Microsoft SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries.

netDocShare Admin: Centrally manage and enforce netDocShare settings including enable/disable/default-value setup of netDocShare configuration settings.

netDocShare ndThread integration: Add new or edit existing ndThread conversations within Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft Teams.

netDocShare Tasks integration: Add new or edit existing NetDocuments tasks within Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

Empower Microsoft Teams & SharePoint with NetDocuments Content!

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