The COVID pandemic has accelerated the need for businesses to rethink their workplace strategy with an emphasis on safety, location flexibility, employee experience, digital transformation, and facility cost reduction.  Creating an effective hybrid workforce requires a well-thought strategy that leverages technology should support organizational culture, which in turn drives engagement and productivity. Each individual component needs to work for both onsite and remote employee.

Smarten Spaces is a disruptive end-to-end SaaS Workplace platform with the latest technology to accommodate the new Hybrid workplace model. The technology is trusted by Fortune 500 companies in over 120 locations including New York, Chicago, London, Sydney, Helsinki, Moscow and Singapore. The Smarten Spaces platform is fully integrated with Microsoft, Kone and 45 other global solution providers.

Employees download the experiential Smarten Spaces Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to their smartphones so companies can automate the entire back to work process while balancing between Work-From-Home and Back-to-Work. The solutions help companies manage their new Hybrid workplaces via a single pane of glass dashboard and offers real-time reports to maximize operational efficiency and can result in companies saving up to 30 percent of their office space costs. Jumpree 3.0, the AI-driven platform offers:

*Digital Workplace app: AI-based social distancing, pre-screening, contactless access, and visitor management, service requests, contact tracing
*Desk Management: Desk booking and allocation, real-time occupancy and utilization, space optimization
*Workforce Rostering: Creation of teams and cohorts, AI-based optimal seat allocation
*Demand and Supply: Recommendations on demand and supply in a flexible workplace, request more/less space, lease management, service requests
*Expenses & Charge Back: Dynamic allocation and tracking of cost based on utilization for the new workplace
*Asset Management: inventory, integrated with expenses, procurement, and relocation

About Smarten Spaces:
Founded in 2017, Smarten Spaces is the first company in the world to deliver an end to end SAAS solution for the digital workplace. It offers workplace safety and flexibility on a single technology platform to help businesses manage their spaces effectively. Smarten Spaces focuses on digitizing spaces for enterprises, commercial real estate, co-working, co-living and warehousing.

Smarten Spaces was named one of the "Top 3 Hottest Startups" by Singapore Business Review 2020 and one of the "Top 5 Most Innovative Startups Making Offices Secure" by the Business World.


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