We are incredibly honored to share that DFIN has been named Solution Provider of the Year, for our eBrevia product by the International Legal Technology Association.

eBrevia Wins “Solution Provider of the Year” at ILTA 2021 Distinguished Peer Awards

Capping off a year of professional success and technological advancement, we are proud to announce that eBrevia has been selected as the "Solution Provider of the Year" at the prestigious ILTA 2021 Distinguished Peer Awards!

"I'd like to thank our customers who we view as true partners," said Ned Gannon, co-founder and President of eBrevia. "You've placed your faith in us to assist with your contract analytics needs. It's a responsibility we don't take lightly. Your feedback and support have guided us in continually improving our product and identifying use cases we never would have discovered on our own. You're the reason we develop software."

The AI-powered eBrevia solution is a game-changer for law firms, legal departments, financial institutions, and other legal-adjacent businesses all over the world. With the most precise AI in the industry, eBrevia analyzes and extracts information from contracts, reducing document review times by up to 90% while still increasing accuracy by up to 60%. As a result, eBrevia has experienced impressive growth.

"Having been at eBrevia now for almost 5 years, I've had the joy and fortune of seeing the company grow," said Preethy Prakash, VP of Business Development. "From a true startup, working out of a WeWork office, to becoming a full-fledged company and a part of a renowned public company, Donnelley Financial."

The International Legal Technology Association hosts the Distinguished Peer Awards each year. They aim to honor individuals and business partners who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments within ILTA member law firms or departments.

Specifically, the "Solution Provider of the Year Award" recognizes one ILTA business partner for their outstanding achievements and exceptional advancement of a software or technology solution.

The winner of this prestigious award must fulfill multiple strict criteria to be considered. These include: developing a solution applicable to the legal tech space, showing that legal departments/law firms are using this solution, fostering a continued culture of innovation, and – perhaps most importantly – they must provide incredible customer service.

eBrevia doesn't just check those boxes, it raises the bar. This award is more evidence that the world's law and law-adjacent industries are starting to realize the extreme versatility and scalability that AI can provide. The recent recognition of eBrevia proves that not only is this solution becoming essential to modern legal work, it also has so much room to grow.

"We couldn't have built this product and this company without the developers, QA, product managers, and designers on our engineering team, especially those that were there from the beginning." Said Jake Mundt, Chief Technology Officer. "Its hard to find people who are technically brilliant, hard-working, but also willing to sit with a customer and listen to their needs, adapt the product in real-time to new challenges, or hold their hand through a difficult project at 1 am on a weekend to make sure they can succeed."

The eBrevia team is honored to accept this award and we look forward to showing ILTA – and the rest of the world – how much more this solution can do.

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