How to Find Success Using a Legal Marketplace: Stories From Attorneys

It’s no secret that many attorneys aren’t happy in the traditional law firm model. Long hours with stressful and inflexible schedules make attorney burnout common. A 2021 mental health survey by American Lawyer Media found that 71% of lawyers experience anxiety and the Great Resignation put a stronger spotlight on this long standing industry trend. Additionally, many attorneys have been caught up in the recent whirlwind of tech company layoffs, finding themselves looking for ways to bridge a gap between roles and create new income streams.

Attorneys can look to a legal marketplace as a solution to grow their burgeoning practices. Legal marketplaces connect companies with outside legal services, which include solo practitioners and small or boutique law firms (in addition to larger law firms and alternative legal services providers).

So what does creating a new practice utilizing a legal marketplace look like? Attorneys from many different backgrounds with all types of skill sets find success on Priori Marketplace. Here are a few examples of ways attorneys have recently used Marketplace to bridge career gaps, secure new positions, work more flexibly and more.

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