InOutsource, an industry-leading legal consulting firm, today announced growing momentum for its FileTrail technology implementation consultation and services. Eleven law firms, including seven Am Law 200 firms, have elected to work with InOutsource in the past year to upgrade their records management solution as well as the policies and business processes associated with records management, retention and disposition.

Some of the firms that have chosen FileTrail include:

  • Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
  • Kelley Drye & Warren LLP
  • Loeb & Loeb LLP
  • Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
  • Thompson Hine LLP

Many firms struggle with outdated technology or solutions that are no longer supported. FileTrail offers a feature-rich, browser-based solution that integrates with leading legal technologies such as Intapp and NetDocuments. InOutsource works hand in hand with firms to leverage FileTrail to enhance information governance initiatives, increasing compliance with firm policies and outside counsel guidelines.

“Law firms are ready for a modern records management solution and in-depth, legal-specific information governance expertise that reduce risk and increase efficiency,” said Nancy Beauchemin, president and founder of InOutsource. “With InOutsource, you get years of information governance consultation experience to ensure long-term success for your firm.”

“We knew that following our implementation of NetDocuments we needed to address our overall information governance strategy and that included identifying the best replacement for our legacy records management system. We chose FileTrail for its innovative approach and integration with NetDocuments, and we selected InOutsource as our strategic partner for implementation based upon their industry expertise and familiarity with both LegalKey and FileTrail,” shared Judith Flournoy, chief information officer of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP.

To learn more about FileTrail, contact John Zahradnick at (267) 930-4895 or or visit the company’s website.

InOutsource will be exhibiting at Legalweek New York. Visit booth #1515 to learn about the company and its services, including information governance needs assessment and business intelligence and analytics.

About InOutsource

 Industry-leading global consulting firm InOutsource is dedicated to resolving the unique challenges faced by law firms. InOutsource empowers clients to streamline processes and improve performance. The company encourages law firms to transform data assets into actionable insights to uncover opportunity. With a focus on information governance, InOutsource reduces risk and enables clients to leverage information to drive strategy. To learn more about InOutsource and its services, visit


New Year, New Perspectives on Blockchain Technology in Legal 

by Rabiya Hirji-Young and Adrienne Girone

gavelBy all accounts, 2017 was an explosive year for bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. Within the legal industry in particular, interest in these disruptive technologies has grown at an exponential rate, as exemplified by the enormous amount of buzz on the subject at ILTACON 2017. Amidst all the excitement, we’d like to take a moment to ring in the new year by chiming in with some of our reflections on the possibilities of blockchain technology for law firms.

Blockchain in Practice

Firms of varying sizes are striving to position themselves as leaders by demonstrating competency with blockchain and bitcoin. Various large law firms established blockchain practices in 2017, both in response to current interest levels and in anticipation of developments yet to come. Some firms, such as Perkins Coie LLP, have also begun accepting bitcoin as payment, immediately converting payments upon receipt given the cryptocurrency’s high volatility. Toby Brown, Chief Practice Management Officer at Perkins Coie, remarked that these measures are ways of “showing emerging clients that our firm is on the cutting edge.”

bitcoinThere is also a consensus that smart contracts supported on the platform of blockchain technology will be the first level of adoption at law firms. According to Brett Don, Chief Information Officer at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young LLP, smart contracts have the potential to revolutionize the way transactions and contract negotiations operate in the legal sphere. Blockchain may reduce the amount of time, energy, and resources lawyers need to devote to such transactional work.

Some in the legal field express concern about smart contracts supplanting lawyers’ places in the legal system. Others view blockchain as an enhancement for lawyers rather than a replacement. Brett raised the example of the US Patent Trademark Office as one such context where, should the USPTO incorporate blockchain technology into the patent/trademark registration process, lawyers might expect to see a more efficient turnover of matters with shorter time frames and greater concentrations of high-level legal guidance comprising hours billed. “Once blockchain and smart contracts become the norm, there is still a need for lawyers during that transaction, in a different, advisory role. This is actually higher value work for attorneys to engage in,” Brett observed.

Blockchain and Information Governance

Beyond practices, smart contracts, and billing, there are many more avenues where blockchain technology might someday aid law firms in managing their internal operations. Max Welsh, Senior Risk Management Consultant at InOutsource and former Deputy General Counsel at Foley & Lardner, envisions a future where blockchain is harnessed to streamline information governance. While he and most industry experts caution that day-to-day adoption by law firms themselves likely won’t occur for some years, Max sees “amazing use case potential” from an information governance perspective.

A pervasive obstacle InOutsource’s clients confront is how to govern data across multiple repositories of record. According to Max: “One thing we’re always talking about in our client engagements is reducing duplication. Typically, everyone has their own version of a record, which exists as separate records that don’t always align. If there were only one version, that would be unbelievable.”

Theoretically, blockchain technology could be used to create a single, unified, and verifiable record for transactions relating to information governance, such as file tracking and destruction certifications. Such applications could significantly reduce uncertainty when they are tracked in multiple repositories, some of which may not be firm-approved or maintained consistently. While applications of blockchain in this capacity have a long way to go until they are fully formed, implemented, and enforced, possibilities abound for using this technology to enhance firms’ administrative functions.

Blockchain and Risk Management

Approaching blockchain technology from the perspective of risk management is also a vital consideration for law firms. Industry experts have already raised concerns from a data security standpoint, however there is much more at stake under the realm of risk. Many firms have yet to see mention of blockchain technology from clients in client-provided Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCGs) or technology questionnaires, but it is only a matter of time before such instances begin to crop up.

The financial sector is expressing significant interest in blockchain technology, a trend that will continue its upward trajectory in 2018. It’s also important to note that global banking institutions and other large corporations in the financial sector are often those with the most rigorous OCGs. Therefore, it seems highly likely that law firms wishing to engage such financial institutions on matters in the near future may find themselves seeing blockchain-related provisions in client-provided OCGs. Firms will need to be able to give an informed response to such provisions, both from a legal and an information technology perspective. If such provisions require firms to utilize blockchain technology such as smart contracts on certain types of matters, firms must ensure they have the appropriate technology and administrative solutions in place to comply.

Resolve to Be on Top of Blockchain in 2018

As the big picture on blockchain continues to come into focus, it looks increasingly likely that those who do not keep up with blockchain technology might risk losing business down the line. Though it may take some time, you will feel blockchain’s influence regardless of your firm’s readiness: “I don’t think lawyers are going to be able to avoid it,” Max stipulates. Lawyers, legal support staff, IT personnel, and law firm administrators who devote energy to becoming well versed in blockchain are apt to be the most nimble in adapting to client-driven demands involving the revolutionary technology. InOutsource looks forward to seeing how blockchain continues to influence legal across a range of operational, information governance, and risk management functions.

Hear InOutsource consultant Jed Bronstein and Lathrop Gage Chief Information Officer Gillian Power on Ari Kaplan’s podcast, Reinventing Professionals. In this episode, “Rethinking and Elevating Information Governance,” they discuss why IG is so important to law firm operations, how Lathrop Gage is tackling IG, and where the field is headed.

Today, Legal Files Software, Inc., a leading provider of matter management software,
announced the newest release of its flagship product. With more intuitive features and enhanced functionality, the
software was further refined to satisfy the tens of thousands of users across the globe who rely on Legal Files to
simplify their workflow.
“One of our goals at Legal Files Software has always been to make our customers work lives easier,” said John Kanoski,
CEO. “This new version of Legal Files is a direct reflection of our customers saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Legal Files
could …,” Kanoski said, adding that “90 percent of the new features and enhancements we’ve made is taken directly
from our customers’ wish list.”
Designated Legal Files 10.2, the latest version of the software includes a more powerful integration with Microsoft
Outlook, the ability to access contacts and notes more quickly via tooltip popups, and the capacity to insert commonly
used settings more easily, as well as improvements to tasks/assignments and calendar functionality. New functionality
includes the addition of multiple workflow wizards, including the Calendar Close Wizard, File Close Wizard and File
Delete Wizard.
The company will showcase Legal Files 10.2 at Legalweek New York, Jan. 29-Feb. 1. Legalweek, brings together the
legal industry to address the biggest challenges and issues facing legal professionals. Over 9,000 attendees will visit
Legalweek 2018 and the Legaltech expo will feature over 300 exhibits.
“We continue to study how people work and incorporate their work processes within the software,” Kanoski said.
“One such example is what we’ve done inside Outlook. With 10.2, you can create a file in Legal Files directly from an
email and save that email to the new file within seconds, and you didn’t even have to open Legal Files to accomplish
that. Plus, we’ve added the ability to create time slips, phone logs and notes in Legal Files—all from the Outlook
interface. Individually those items may seem small, but as a whole, and in terms of productivity, they’re huge,” he said.
“Legal Files already provides a high level of effectiveness, saving people click after click,” Kanoski said. “Legal Files now
offers a level of intuitive functionality that other web-based products just can’t match. It’s a sophisticated and robust
program that brings us another step closer to our goal of making your work life easier.”
Legal Files customers will receive Legal Files 10.2 as part of the maintenance and support program. Prospective
customers who wish to view an online demo of the new release, should contact Legal Files Software, Inc., at (800) 500-
0537 or to schedule an appointment.

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been at the forefront of SaaS technology development recently, few companies can boast that their AI features are already mature and evolved. Casepoint presents its second iteration of CaseAssist.

The following features have been added to the second iteration of CaseAssist.

  • Chat-guided workflows with natural language interaction
  • Find key documents quickly by answering simple questions
  • Enhanced user interactions
  • Faster document predictions
  • Identify connections between people, documents, dates, and terms

“Agile and iterative prototyping, combined with a two-year head start, has enabled Casepoint to lead in the area of artificial intelligence-driven eDiscovery,” says Chief Product Officer, Vishal Rajpara. He continues, “What sets Casepoint apart is the belief that AI is not an upsell opportunity. Rather we believe AI is a core part of the experience for any savvy eDiscovery user.”

Casepoint is smarter eDiscovery.

FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) today announced that its Ringtail business has released version 9.4 of its award-winning e-discovery software, which is available to law firms, corporations and government agencies via Software as a Service (“SaaS”), on-premise license and the Ringtail partner network.

An infographic of how Artificial Intelligence enhances eDiscovery. See infographic here.

FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) today announced its Technology segment has teamed with Hogan Lovells to launch a combined offering for contract intelligence and other data governance solutions. Through the arrangement, FTI Technology and Hogan Lovells will collaborate to provide technical and legal expertise for the collection, review and analysis of contracts and additional critical data for both firms’ clients.

@TimHwang, CEO of FiscalNote, is excited to announce the acquisition of Brussels-based counterpart SHUNGHAM, giving FiscalNote a foothold in the European Union as we expand globally.

Venio Systems to Introduce New Team Member and VenioOne Innovations During Legalweek New York

Charles Lavallée, an 18-year eDiscovery veteran, joins Venio Systems as Vice President of Business Development

Venio Systems, a worldwide leader in unified eDiscovery and litigation support software, is excited to introduce a new team member, Charles Lavallée. The 18-year eDiscovery technology veteran joined the company’s growing team as Vice President of Business Development. His responsibilities include helping organizations evaluate their solutions, workflows, and processes and partnering with them to leverage Venio’s unified platform for better decision making, greater efficiency, and cost savings.

Lavallée has worked with law firms, corporations, consultancies, legal service providers, and government agencies around the world. He will work closely with the Venio Development, Marketing and Sales teams to provide clients and partners a more agile and adaptable solution for today’s discovery and global business needs.

Before joining Venio Systems, Lavallée worked with other notable and emerging discovery technology companies. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, he has always evangelized better technology and processes for his clients. A true international man, he has spent significant time throughout his career introducing new ediscovery technologies to the UK, EU and Canada as well as the Asia Pacific region.

“We are excited to have Charles join the leadership team. Over the last year, we have launched many new features and enhancements, driving up demand for our solutions. By adding his experience and his natural ability to assess what customers need, he helps position us very effectively moving forward.” Chris Jurkiewicz, Co-Founder, EVP Client Services.

Charles, along with Chris Jurkiewicz, presented at the Technology in Practice 2017 Conference held November 8 – 10, 2017 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto, Canada. The presentation discussed how electronic discovery in the cloud has redefined the legal industry, as well as the vast benefits of using a cloud platform such as VenioOne OnDemand.

“The value of technology can only really be measured by the challenges it solves. Venio is more than a powerful processing solution, it is also a powerful review platform too. Meeting after meeting, I’m hearing that there has been a huge gap in discovery capabilities created over the past 7 years. Venio addresses that gap and is solving a number of other discovery challenges too,” noted Lavallée. “Having more agile and adaptable control of your own data and eDiscovery workflow is critical for any law firm or corporation these days. Plus Venio powers new levels of services and capabilities to our partners.”

Join Us in New York City for Legalweek 2018

Charles Lavallée will be attending Legalweek New York being held January 29 – February 1, 2018 at the Hilton New York Midtown. Venio Systems will be exhibiting in Booth 1300 of the Legaltech Tradeshow and will be announcing new technology innovations and analytics being integrated to the VenioOne Unified eDiscovery Platform. Meetings or private demonstrations with a member of the Venio team are available by contacting

About Venio Systems

Venio Systems, based in Fairfax, Virginia, is a team of innovators and developers with 30 years of experience in providing an eDiscovery solutions. Venio Systems was created to address the industry’s lack of unified eDiscovery systems. VenioOne, a unified eDiscovery platform, is designed to provide law firms, corporations and government entities with the ability to manage all phases of discovery — processing, ECA, culling, review, and production — from a single tool. Venio Systems remains on the forefront of innovation to provide solutions any litigator can use. For more information, visit