Today, Legal Files Software, Inc., a leading provider of matter management software,
announced the newest release of its flagship product. With more intuitive features and enhanced functionality, the
software was further refined to satisfy the tens of thousands of users across the globe who rely on Legal Files to
simplify their workflow.
“One of our goals at Legal Files Software has always been to make our customers work lives easier,” said John Kanoski,
CEO. “This new version of Legal Files is a direct reflection of our customers saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Legal Files
could …,” Kanoski said, adding that “90 percent of the new features and enhancements we’ve made is taken directly
from our customers’ wish list.”
Designated Legal Files 10.2, the latest version of the software includes a more powerful integration with Microsoft
Outlook, the ability to access contacts and notes more quickly via tooltip popups, and the capacity to insert commonly
used settings more easily, as well as improvements to tasks/assignments and calendar functionality. New functionality
includes the addition of multiple workflow wizards, including the Calendar Close Wizard, File Close Wizard and File
Delete Wizard.
The company will showcase Legal Files 10.2 at Legalweek New York, Jan. 29-Feb. 1. Legalweek, brings together the
legal industry to address the biggest challenges and issues facing legal professionals. Over 9,000 attendees will visit
Legalweek 2018 and the Legaltech expo will feature over 300 exhibits.
“We continue to study how people work and incorporate their work processes within the software,” Kanoski said.
“One such example is what we’ve done inside Outlook. With 10.2, you can create a file in Legal Files directly from an
email and save that email to the new file within seconds, and you didn’t even have to open Legal Files to accomplish
that. Plus, we’ve added the ability to create time slips, phone logs and notes in Legal Files—all from the Outlook
interface. Individually those items may seem small, but as a whole, and in terms of productivity, they’re huge,” he said.
“Legal Files already provides a high level of effectiveness, saving people click after click,” Kanoski said. “Legal Files now
offers a level of intuitive functionality that other web-based products just can’t match. It’s a sophisticated and robust
program that brings us another step closer to our goal of making your work life easier.”
Legal Files customers will receive Legal Files 10.2 as part of the maintenance and support program. Prospective
customers who wish to view an online demo of the new release, should contact Legal Files Software, Inc., at (800) 500-
0537 or to schedule an appointment.