LegalSifter and Horty Springer to offer combined intelligence solution to clients needing faster contract review

Pittsburgh, PA USA | January 9, 2018 LegalSifter and Horty Springer are proud to announce a strategic partnership to offer a new product to help hospitals and health systems in the United States review, analyze and negotiate contracts, starting with business associate agreements required by the HIPAA privacy regulations. By combining LegalSifter’s artificial intelligence with Horty Springer’s legal advice, clients will review contracts 24x7x365 quickly and confidently.
The partnership represents the first time in the history of the legal services industry in the United States that a law firm will offer artificial intelligence in a format directly used by its clients.

“It’s the next logical step in the use of artificial intelligence in the legal profession,” said Dan Mulholland, Senior Partner at Horty Springer. “Clients would like a legal review of every contract they sign, but to do so the review has to be affordable and aligned with the speed of business. Artificial intelligence, with embedded guidance designed by lawyers, is the only way to make that consistently possible.”

Clients will upload a proposed or draft contract into LegalSifter. Sifters – software trained to read text, look for specific concepts, and learn over time – read the contract and produce in-context comments written by Horty Springer lawyers in a minute or two. Clients that need additional support will contact Horty Springer for advice.

“In every contract negotiation in the world, at least one party works off the other party’s paper,” said Kevin Miller, CEO of LegalSifter. “It’s difficult to read someone else’s writing and apply your point of view without unnecessarily missing a critical term. Our partnership launches a product that makes that process faster and less risky.”

In many health care organizations, those responsible for contract negotiation wait days or weeks to have agreements reviewed by their lawyers and colleagues. LegalSifter does it in a minute or two.

Horty Springer will offer LegalSifter-enabled solutions across a wide range of contract types. The solution will launch with business associate agreements, required under federal law of all health care entities (e.g. hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, HMOs) that use outside contractors who have access to confidential patient information. In upcoming weeks and months, Horty Springer will offer solutions for practitioner employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, software end user license agreements, supplier terms and conditions, and many others.

For additional information about the product, please contact Dan Mulholland at or 412-687-7677.

About LegalSifter
LegalSifter is dedicated to bringing affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence. LegalSifter intends to achieve its mission by working with the legal profession, not against it. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), LegalSifter offers its products directly to organizations as well as through and with law firms.

About Horty Springer
Horty Springer is the first law firm to devote its practice exclusively to health care law. From its offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the firm’s 17 attorneys serve hospital and health system clients in all 50 states in association with their local counsel. The firm advises health system physician leaders, executives, boards and legal counsel on a wide variety of matters including medical staff bylaws, credentialing, privileging and peer review, corporate governance issues, regulatory compliance, payor relationships, mergers and acquisitions and all manner of policies and contracts, as well as representing health care clients in contract, antitrust, fraud and abuse and medical staff-related litigation.