ECFX Notice, goes live at Schiff Hardin LLP automating court notice management. “This is a game changer,” says Schiff Hardin partner.

VENICE, Calif. – July 1, 2020 – ECFX, a company providing Intelligent Automation for law firms, announced today that Schiff Hardin LLP has successfully transitioned to live operations on ECFX Notice. ECFX Notice is now managing the court notice process for a variety of Schiff Hardin’s cases by performing in seconds the following seven-step workflow process: • Connects each case to an internal client and matter number • Downloads each document associated with the notice • Profiles each document to the firm’s document management system • Determines the relevant parties to notify based on information in the financial management system and case management • Distributes a consistently formatted notice and associated documents to the correct parties. • Updates the docketing staff • Provides cost load files for potential billing

A national firm with more than 250 lawyers practicing out of Ann Arbor, Chicago, Lake Forest, New York, Newport Beach, San Francisco and Washington, DC, Schiff Hardin serves its clients in a variety of practice areas. In alignment with its growth strategy and goal of using technology to improve the client experience and drive efficiencies, Schiff Hardin partnered with ECFX to reduce risk and streamline the court notice process.

The firm praised the straightforward and highly attentive implementation process as well as the immediate efficiencies ECFX Notice provides. Michael King, Schiff Hardin’s Director of Loss Prevention and Office Support Services said, “We are always looking to use the right resource and the right expertise on internal and client facing issues. With that as a guiding principle, we wanted to use technology more efficiently where we were using highly skilled, highly paid individuals to do a lot of data entry. ECFX Notice provided us that opportunity.”

The firm practices in many federal and state jurisdictions and is looking to ECFX to help manage the challenges arising from the differences between court systems, including different formats, login credentials, notice content and court nuances. “This is a game changer for those that practice in a bunch of jurisdictions,” were the words of one Schiff Hardin partner. “ECFX eliminates the need for cross training for court notices in the different jurisdictions,” added King.

The solution also provides a dashboard of customizable analytics, allowing legal professionals to gain visibility into notice management, review progress and manage staff resources as needed. “ECFX allows our attorneys to focus on what is important to our clients vs time consuming data entry,” said King.

“Schiff Hardin was the perfect partner for ECFX in developing a solution that intelligently automates manual processes surrounding electronic court filling,” said Dan ODay, a co-founder & CEO of ECFX. “The firm’s commitment to making processes more efficient for its clients and their incredibly talented and committed staff was a solid foundation for us to deliver an innovative and game changing product like ECFX Notice.”

About ECFX

ECFX, founded by legal technology industry veterans Dan O’Day, Nelson Quintero and Bill Burch, provides Intelligent Automation to help law firms and legal organizations address common, yet often undiagnosed, process challenges. Its premier product ECFX Notice streamlines the complex process of electronic court notice management, saving time, reducing costs and mitigating risk for law firms. Visit for more information. In 2020, ECFX Notice was a finalist in both the ABA TECHSHOW Startup Alley and the LegalWeek Innovation Competition!

About Schiff Hardin

Schiff Hardin LLP is a general practice law firm representing clients across the United States and around the world. We have offices located in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Lake Forest, New York, Newport Beach, San Francisco, and Washington. Our attorneys are strong advocates and trusted advisers — roles that contribute to many lasting client relationships.