Perkins Coie LLP Goes Live with ECFX Notice at Three More Offices as Part of National Rollout

Perkins Coie LLP has deployed ECFX Notice, the leading electronic court filing (ECF) notice solution, in their Chicago, Denver, and Boise offices, the latest in a nationwide rollout of the platform. The Seattle based international law firm with more than 1,200 lawyers provides a full array of corporate, commercial litigation, intellectual property and regulatory legal advice to a broad range of clients. The firm now uses ECFX Notice in ten of their offices, including Seattle, New York, Washington, DC, and Dallas.

ECFX Notice is a state-of-the-art SaaS solution that downloads the documents in court notices, distributes the notices and documents directly to the case team, and stores the documents in the appropriate matter or client workspace in any DMS or file system. This process greatly reduces the amount of time required to process court filings, as well as diminishing the associated risk of error from incorrectly filed notices – giving law firms more control over their documents.

“When I first started, I wanted to find a way to streamline the processing of ECFs and get our team out of having to download every notice,” explained Arthur Aguilar, National Docketing Manager at Perkins Coie. “When we expanded nationally and did a canvas of the team, each person was spending upwards of two and a half days per week just working in the DMS – downloading and putting in items, moving them around and renaming them. Now, no human being has to handle the system – ECFX is running in the background, and does it automatically.”

“I’ve always believed that taking mundane tasks and automating them is one of the best uses of technology,” commented Dan O’Day, ECFX Co-founder and CEO. “When you do things manually, it is costly – it takes time and it is difficult to have control, because you have to train every staff member to do things the same way, which increases risk.”

Perkins Coie plans to roll out ECFX Notice to their remaining seven US offices in the coming months. ECFX Notice has them covered because ECFX has taken the approach of partnering with their rapidly growing list of law firm clients to deliver integrations with the courts and third-party providers that matter most. Following this approach, ECFX has rapidly covered all the major markets including all federal courts and is now focusing on the smaller providers that are important to their clients.


ECFX was founded by legal and technology experts with a single goal: to address unmet automation needs in the legal industry. It is committed to filling in the gaps in legal workflows with intelligently automated solutions, enabling firms to save time, gain control, mitigate risk, and improve visibility. Its premier product, ECFX Notice, automates the downloading, profiling, storing, and distribution of court documents in ECF notices for both State and Federal courts—saving your firm hundreds of hours a week to focus on the work your clients value.