A modern, scalable, cloud-based software solution is the best way to ensure that your organization functions in the most efficient and up-to-date manner. This means adopting a system that understands the nuances of a paralegal’s workload and can adapt to their user feedback. This, coupled with best-of-breed technology, makes a system not just work for your team but also as a critical part of your team.

Imagine: spending more time developing strategy, providing advice, or completing billable tasks, instead of conducting manual processes on spreadsheets, outdated software, and tedious minutiae.

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We are looking for someone special to join the Merlin team as Director of Marketing. You will possess a rare combination of traits including creativity, initiative, humor, original thinking backed by a broad marcom skill set, mixed with a can-do-attitude that won’t let obstacles get in your way. And, you need to be excited about the opportunity to build a relatively new company’s marketing department (with technology ready to hit the market) from scratch.

You are passionate about your work and eager to help tell a big story about a cloud technology startup filled with experienced industry leaders who intend to change the world of document search the way Pandora revolutionized finding great music.

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CobbleStone Software supports online document editing.

Simply put, document editing and document collaboration can be a nightmare – especially as they apply to contract management.  Manual and outdated document editing methods often require lots of moving parts – including various emailed communications about numerous document edits, frantic scrambling for relevant clauses, and convoluted procedures for document version tracking.  These processes can easily lead to lost document edits, erroneous clause language, and scattered and misplaced versions.  As a result, your organization could unfortunately experience missed contract tasks, delayed contract authoring and contract negotiations, and deleteriously incorrect contract clause language – which could jeopardize your organization’s legal standing, reputation, and financial standing.  Leave these damaging and antiquated document editing methods in the past in favor of user-friendly online document editing with CobbleStone Software.

The Best Way to Share and Edit Documents Online

The best way to share and edit documents online is with an online document editing platform that centralizes the creation, importation, and editing of documents on one convenient system.  Leading online document editing tools can also allow you to manage documents in both MS Word and PDF formats for greater versatility and flexibility during the process.

Seamless, Low-Friction Online Document Editing

Your organization can leverage CobbleStone® for more seamless online document editing, version control, and collaboration.  CobbleStone’s leading source-to-contract management software suite – CobbleStone Contract Insight® – provides centralized and low-friction document management.

With CobbleStone Contract Insight, you can:

  • create new documents straight from a user-friendly CobbleStone record information page.
  • import new documents straight into a CobbleStone record information page.
  • seamlessly edit existing documents straight from a CobbleStone record information page with essentially no friction.

As has been alluded to above, you are afforded the ability to “drag and drop” files and attachments – including MS Word and PDF documents – into the “Drop Files Here” section pictured below in the CobbleStone Files/Attachments area.  You have the option to create new web documents in this area as well (also shown below).

CobbleStone Software Filedrop for online document editing.

To create a new online document for a given CobbleStone record, you simply need to select the “Add Web Document” button shown above.  You then encounter a document editing page similar to other, familiar word processing functionality.  You can then choose between a .docx (default) or PDF format (the latter of which can be configured as allowed or disallowed by system administrators) for your document and name it.

CobbleStone Software lets you edit a document online.

While editing a document, you can easily include clauses from your organization’s pre-approved clause library in the area highlighted below.

CobbleStone Software online document editing platform allows for clause management.

Once you select the Add Clause button, a drop-down menu appears for you to insert pre-approved clauses into your document.  This same functionality applies to imported documents as well – streamlining and diversifying your document collaboration processes.

CobbleStone Software add document from pre-approved clause library.

Once you save your document, the file can automatically be attached to the CobbleStone record information page.  Subsequent edits and saves to the document can be attached as new versions – enhancing version tracking and audit trail management for future-minded document collaboration!

Online Document Editing Tools & More With CobbleStone Software!

If you are impressed with the online document editing tools mentioned above, you will be thrilled to know that CobbleStone Software offers so much more than online document management alone.

CobbleStone Contract Insight offers user-friendly contract management software tools that can help your organization efficiently centralize and secure contracts, easily collaborate, manage compliance, track costs, receive alerts and notifications, push CLM processes into the future with VISDOM® AI and machine learning, electronically sign with IntelliSign® electronic signature software, boost productivity, and cut costs.

CobbleStone’s long-acclaimed and seamlessly integrated contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing software solution has been trusted for over 20 years by organizations from around the world looking to automate contracts.  Get started today by booking your free contract management software demo.

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Latin American powerhouse embraces powerful cloud-based knowledge work platform for its 500 legal professionals, to enable a modern work experience while lessening IT burden

CHICAGO – February 28, 2022 – iManage, the company dedicated to Making Knowledge WorkTM, today announced that Carey — ranked by Chambers and Partners as the Chilean law firm of the year eight separate times, including in 2021 — has selected iManage Cloud as the comprehensive platform for document and email management and secure collaboration across the organization. As an iManage customer for almost two decades, Carey saw the move to iManage Cloud as a way to reduce the complexity of managing IT in-house alongside modernizing its user experience by leveraging iManage Work 10.

“It’s been clear for a while that cloud is the future,” said Jaime Carey, Managing Partner of Carey. “Moving from an on-premises deployment of iManage Work to iManage Cloud is a strategic choice by our firm to deliver a modern user experience and to keep pace with the innovation of the foremost firms across the world.”

Carey is working with iManage partner, Tecnolex, on the move to iManage Cloud, which will require migrating 11 terabytes of data and nearly 30 million documents and emails. An ISO27001-certified company, Tecnolex is an experienced iManage partner, skilled in migrating large amounts of confidential data. Tecnolex’s strategic insight, technology expertise, and practical experience forms a critical component of Carey’s technology planning and execution.

The deployment is currently scheduled to go live in March 2022, giving Carey’s 500 legal professionals – including 270 lawyers – the ability to be productive from anywhere, on any device, while ensuring that their IT environment is always up to date and incorporates all available best practices and security protections.

“Choosing iManage Cloud, rather than trying to build and maintain a cloud on-premises, just makes sense for any law firm, even those with only 10 or 20 users,” said Sebastian Carey, CEO of Tecnolex. “While iManage is handling the cloud, the IT department can focus their time and energy on the legal workflows that matter to Carey’s legal professionals and help drive better business outcomes.”

Staying at the forefront in all areas

iManage Cloud will provide the firm with a competitive advantage in several important respects, including interactions with clients.

“Work 10 provides the productivity, collaboration, and integration capabilities to make our lawyers’ lives easier in their day-to-day work and interactions with their clients,” said Jaime Carey. “We serve clients all over the world, and the General Counsels we interact with are very familiar with iManage. They understand the value that iManage delivers, and they appreciate working with a law firm who also understands the benefits it brings.”

Additionally, Carey feels that having the latest technology and being on a modern knowledge work platform will be important for attracting and retaining talent within the law firm.

“Ongoing training and development of our professionals is important to our firm,” said Jaime Carey. “When we send our associates to participate in foreign associate programs at the major law firms in New York and in London, our goal is to ensure they are either equal to or more advanced than the associates in those firms from a technological perspective. Moving to iManage Cloud ensures our professionals are staying on the cutting edge.”

“Having Chile’s largest full-service law select iManage Cloud is a clear testament to the value long-time customers see in changing the way they deliver a comprehensive knowledge work platform to their professionals,” said Neil Araujo, iManage CEO. “By making the move to iManage Cloud, Carey is enabling the firm to work smarter, more productively, and more securely while gaining greater IT agility. The importance of these benefits cannot be overstated in an increasingly competitive legal environment.”

Follow iManage via:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/imanage

Twitter: https://twitter.com/imanageinc

Blog: https://imanage.com/blog/

About iManage

iManage is the company dedicated to Making Knowledge Work™. Its intelligent, cloud-enabled, secure knowledge work platform enables organizations to uncover and activate the knowledge that exists inside their business content and communications. Advanced Artificial Intelligence and powerful document and email management create connections across data, systems, and people while leveraging the context of organizational content to fuel deep insights, informed business decisions, and collaboration. Underpinned by best-of-breed security and sophisticated workflows and governance approaches, iManage has earned its place as the industry standard by continually innovating to solve complex professional challenges and enabling better business outcomes for over one million professionals across 65+ countries. Visit www.imanage.com/ to learn more.

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Learn how in-house legal teams are using no-code legal automation like Josef in the white paper No-Code For In-House. Former Head of Legal Operations at Facebook, Brian Hupp believes, “One of the highest value-add actions legal departments can and should take today is to implement a scalable, flexible, no-code workflow management solution.”

A Better Way to Find Information

Merlin Integrated Search is a revolutionary new software platform for search, investigations and document

discovery. It’s the first ever Search 2.0 platform, offering keyword and algorithmic search in a single

integrated system.

The Merlin IS platform covers the heart of the search and review lifecycle—from processing and loading

through search, analytics, review and production. Delivered via secure public cloud, it offers speed,

scalability, utility pricing and the option to host your data securely anywhere in the world. Add to that the

most intuitive user interface on the market and, well, you get the idea.

Find what you need—quickly and easily—without having to master complex keyword search syntax.

Introducing Sherlock 

Sherlock is the world’s first AI-powered digital bloodhound and a key

part of our Search 2.0 platform. In milliseconds, Sherlock analyzes

the documents you’ve seen and then finds other relevant ones to

further your investigation. You have to see it to believe it.

Sherlock eliminates the need to craft complicated keyword searches.

Instead, it uses a smart algorithm to fetch relevant documents faster,

more easily, and at lower cost than traditional keyword search.

Just click “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” and Sherlock will do the

rest, quickly and effectively bringing you relevant documents.

Sherlock works like Pandora Internet Radio, only it finds great

documents rather than great music.

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