Casepoint, a leader in cloud-based legal technology solutions, will showcase its latest cloud connectors,  including connectors for Slack and Microsoft Teams, at Legalweek, Booth #305, from March 8 to 11. Casepoint recently became an official Slack Technology Partner, enabling direct collections from Slack for customers utilizing Casepoint’s powerful eDiscovery and legal hold applications.

Casepoint’s Chief Revenue Officer David Carns said, “The addition of Slack and Teams is in direct response to corporate and government customers’ growing use of these messaging and collaboration platforms.” Carns will be a featured speaker at the Legalweek RegTech track session “Solving Compliance and Regulatory Issues with AI Detection and Tracking Tools” at 11:00 a.m. ET on Thursday, March 10.

Casepoint’s integrated and automated collection capabilities for Slack, Teams, and other popular collaboration tools speed the entire eDiscovery process from legal hold to review and production. These latest cloud connectors substantially improve the ability of corporations, government agencies, law firms, and their corporate clients to collect and produce data in eDiscovery or investigations. Importantly, the cloud connectors dramatically reduce the number of touch points, data exposure risks, and costs of the process. A single legal professional can import data into the platform, apply integrated analytics capabilities to gain immediate insights into results, and identify relevant data to be provided to counsel.

“We are very excited to add Slack and Microsoft Teams to our growing list of cloud connectors,” said Vishal Rajpara, Chief Technology Officer at Casepoint. “Our fast expansion in this area is a direct response to the urgent need for corporations and law firms to manage expanding data volumes and types more efficiently and proactively, which we have done by making these capabilities an integrated element of their eDiscovery platform.”

“One of our unique advantages lies in the rapidity with which we can respond to customer requests for additional connectors, thanks to the strength of our technology and agility of our development team,” Rajpara emphasized.

Whereas other providers offer bolted-on integration, Casepoint’s connectors are integrated with its technology ecosystem from the ground up. The company’s unique technology and agile engineering strengths allow it to work closely with individual customers to quickly build connectors to meet specific needs.

Rajpara said, “As an example, we built an API in six weeks for one of the world’s largest freight transportation companies that needed to connect Casepoint to one of their existing systems. This enabled new workflow efficiencies and reporting capabilities that the client never had before.”

Casepoint’s technology features fast, enterprise-class solutions for full-spectrum legal discovery. With Casepoint, customers can manage and monitor the entire discovery process—from legal hold to production to review—entirely within its unified platform, eliminating the need to log in and out of other applications or manually transfer files. With Casepoint’s growing list of connectors, customers can directly access applications to collect files and relevant metadata in their native format without risking data security and maintaining a seamless experience.

Casepoint representatives will be available during Legalweek at Booth #305.

About Casepoint

Casepoint is the legal technology platform of choice for corporations, government agencies, and law firms to meet their complex eDiscovery, investigations, and compliance needs. Powered by cutting-edge AI and advanced analytics, Casepoint helps teams cut through large volumes of data to quickly identify insightful and actionable information. Casepoint’s secure and scalable cloud-based platform is designed to help organizations take control of their data and processes to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, and lower overall legal spend. Casepoint’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface provides legal hold, cloud collections, powerful data processing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, review, and production.