Integrated Software for Corporate Law Departments and Law Firms

March 9, 2022 – LOS ANGELES – Law company Elevate announces the 2.0 release of the Elevate ELM, bringing legal operations software for requests, projects, RFPs, contracts, billing, and spend management onto one platform with embedded AI, reporting, and analytics. The Elevate ELM readily integrates with the legal tech point solutions already used by customers.

“The Elevate ELM addresses the need of law departments and law firms for an easy-to-use system to manage their legal operations,” said Sharath Beedu, VP of Products at Elevate. “Elevate has extensive experience consulting and providing services, and we understand the key activities and desired outcomes. By using a ‘design for delight’ approach with extensive customer input, we built the Elevate ELM from the ground up to meet the needs of law departments and law firms for a flexible, data-driven platform.”

“We selected Manage Matters, which is on the Elevate ELM platform, in 2018.  Since that time, the technology has streamlined our processes, providing partners with the data they need to manage their matters,” said Donney Seow, Chief Operating Officer at Hogan Lovells.

“Lawyers and legal ops want easy-to-use solutions to get the job done for the businesses they serve,” said Liam Brown, Founder and CEO of Elevate. “The Elevate ELM is an integrated platform for law departments and law firms to operate efficiently, collaborate effectively, and use data to improve business outcomes.”


About Elevate

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