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This month, the talented experts at Edge Marketing are sharing predictions for trends coming or continuing in 2024. From the rise of hyperpersonalization to the enduring importance of authenticity, read on for the key insights and foresights that will guide our strategies in the coming year.

(Article) Content Remains King

Vicki LaBrosse

Public relations professionals will focus on thought leadership pieces that can be widely distributed by media outlets that need external content sources. Supplying content to trade publications and supporting the creation of news articles and features are an excellent way to increase branding and expand a PR campaign’s reach. Full-time journalists are busy with more prominent news articles, allowing for PR agencies to fill the gap and provide impactful content for their readers. Articles that touch on the topics of thought leadership and other strategies are well-received by journalists and consumers, which means media outlets with a high demand for external content will likely have the need for the content you pitch.

The Delicate Balance of AI, Authenticity and Advancement 

Authenticity Will Be Rewarded

Headshot of Amy Juers

Amy Juers

The bright new shiny object in 2023 was ChatGPT and other generative AI tools that can assist with producing content. But anyone that has tried to use that technology to generate “original content” knows what it can and cannot do. More importantly, the intelligent professionals that work in our industries of legal and accounting can likely spot unauthentic content from a mile away. Brands that represent an authentic voice will be trusted and rewarded as the audience will take notice. Clients and consumers will be unforgiving in the face of nonauthentic content. This is why authenticity is needed, and brands must ensure they go the extra mile in that regard.

Fake News Will Continue to Erode Brand Trust

Megan Miller

Fake news is more prevalent than ever and is expected to get worse in the coming election year. Distrust of online content is not limited to news sources; it also includes fake ads or content on social media channels.

For prospective customers to engage with your brand, they must trust you and the information you are offering.

In a world where algorithms can tend to favor the loudest voices, concerns regarding misinformation make it easy for  skepticism to take hold. It has never been more important for companies to be truthful, consistent and focused.

AI in Technology Products

Nicolle Martin

In the last year, we saw the topic of artificial intelligence centered at many industry events and in many articles in leading legal and accounting technology trade publications, and we also saw many companies announce the integration or addition of AI into their product offerings. 2024 will be no different, and AI will continue to expand in capability and be added to products across the technology spectrum. The capabilities and benefits AI brings to the market will continue to be a main point of discussion within the space.

Hyperpersonalization Represents Next-Level Marketing

Keep Your Eye on LinkedIn Ads in 2024

Cindy Moen

LinkedIn has long been an indispensable platform for B2B advertisers because of its targeting options and data-driven insights, empowering advertisers to reach a precise target audience with tailored content.

In 2024, hyperpersonalization will be a game-changer for marketers. Watch for the LinkedIn advertising platform to introduce advanced analytics, AI and machine learning technology that will give marketers tools to deliver highly individualized content, product suggestions and offers. This trend will go beyond basic segmentation, as businesses strive to engage customers at a deeply personal level across all marketing touchpoints.

Accenture’s finding that 91% of consumers prefer brands that offer personalized experiences underscores the significance of this approach. By using new tools that recognize, remember and provide relevant offers, businesses can foster stronger client relationships and differentiate themselves in a competitive landscape.

Emphasis on QC and Personalization in Tech-Generated Communications

Jennifer Marsnik

Marketing automation and AI-driven tools will continue to gain adoption in 2024. While leveraging the power and efficiency of these technologies, successful marketers will focus on two critical things: quality control and personalization. Integrated, data-driven platforms streamline communication development and execution, but require attention to detail to ensure first impressions are positive and brand integrity is consistently maintained. And with the volume of content and messages reaching audiences today, those that are personalized and tailored to convey an understanding of the recipients’ pain points will get the best results. 

Targeted Efforts in Social Media

Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Digital Media and Social Platforms

Mary Obregon

In the dynamic landscape of digital media and social platforms, video content has surged in 2023, emerging as the preferred method of consumption for individuals. Videos offer a concise yet engaging way to convey information. From short-form clips on platforms like LinkedIn to long-format content on YouTube, videos cater to diverse preferences. Businesses are recognizing this shift and capitalizing on the trend, integrating videos into marketing strategies. Videos enhance brand communication and, when done correctly, foster a deeper connection with audiences. In 2024, incorporating video content will be crucial for companies looking to stay current and connect with their target market as the trend evolves.

 Choosing a Hero Platform

Tanya Amyote

According to Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2024 Report, ROI will take center stage in the coming year as companies drill down to determine which platforms most affect their bottom line. In one example, although 60% of businesses have a presence on X (formerly Twitter), only one-third felt it had been of benefit, leading to a 7% drop in use in 2023.

In 2024, we will see companies devoting time and effort to conducting social media audits. Examining each platform’s effort vs. engagement will enable decision-makers to allocate resources accordingly in the coming year.

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