CobbleStone Software, a proven leader in contract management software, is pleased to announce additional enhancements to its proprietary PC Helper App for MS Outlook.

The application integrates seamlessly with CobbleStone’s award-winning contract management software suite – Contract Insight®. CobbleStone users can maximize the tool for smarter, faster, and easier contract lifecycle management. The app provides users with an easy-to-use CobbleStone control panel within their MS Outlook application. With it, Contract Insight users can initiate new contract requests and upload files from their emails directly into Contract Insight – simplifying and centralizing the management of contracts, requests, vendor records, employee records, eSourcing records, and purchase orders.

To learn more about CobbleStone’s MS Outlook Plugin with visual details, read this blog.

“We are excited to continue innovating Contract Insight with industry-leading integrations such as our proprietary MS Outlook Plugin,” says Bradford Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing at CobbleStone Software.

“CobbleStone’s PC Helper App for MS Outlook helps our users to further streamline their contract lifecycle management processes by bridging the gap between email and file management – providing a seamless and secure integration for optimized contract administration.”

To see CobbleStone’s PC Helper App for MS Outlook in action, book a free demo with a Contract Insight expert today. For further information on Contract Insight features, industry news, and best practices, read CobbleStone’s Contract Insights blog and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

About CobbleStone Software:

CobbleStone Software has been a leader in providing enterprise contract management, vendor management, and eSourcing software solutions for over 20 years and is trusted by thousands of users. CobbleStone’s Contract Insight contract management suite provides contract and vendor tracking, configurable email alerts, calendar notifications, contract workflow management, robust security options, authoring of contract templates with dynamic clauses, revenue/cost management, full-text indexing and searching, vendor/client ratings, document version control, custom reports, electronic signatures, smarter contracts with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and more.

To learn more about Contract Insight, contact the CobbleStone team at or call 866-330-0056.