Filevine has released its 2023 Customer Benchmark report providing insights into how legal experts perform their work and leverage technology to solve their daily operating needs. The report was introduced last month at Filevine’s annual user conference, LEX Summit. For a closer look into Filevine’s extensive user data, download the full free report here.

In the 2023 Annual Legal Analytics Survey, 79% of Legal Professionals report that clients required or expected them to use Legal Analytics

Menlo Park, CA — March 22, 2023 — Lex Machina and LexisNexis recently conducted their annual Impact of Legal Analytics survey. Each year, Lex Machina reaches out to legal professionals, both customers and non-customers, in order to gain insights into how Legal Analytics continues to be used and perceived.

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“Our partnership with Reveal and experience with its human-centered, AI-driven platform empowers our teams to provide clients with faster access to insights in large, complex litigation and investigations. These offerings are backed by our leading expertise in emerging data sources and Reveal’s ability to quickly and effectively process and analyze large volumes of diverse data.” – Daryl Teshima, Senior Managing Director within FTI Technology

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Reveal Academy Nears 20,000 Total Certifications; Celebrates First Graduating Class of ‘Geniuses’ at LegalWeek  

With over 45,000 course enrollments across 800 companies since launching in 2022, Reveal Academy has quickly become LegalTech’s most elite community of AI experts

CHICAGO (March 22, 2023) Reveal, the global provider of a leading AI-powered eDiscovery platform, officially honors its inaugural class of Reveal Academy ‘Geniuses’ during a ceremony at LegalWeek, as the company marks major milestones for its wildly successful certification and training program. The 120 Geniuses being recognized are from major consulting firms, AMLaw 100 law firms and Fortune 100 corporations around the globe and have achieved at least eight Reveal Academy certifications in just six months.

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New partnership will create better contracting process to accelerate deals velocity

NEW YORK – March 22, 2023 – LexCheck, the leading contract acceleration platform, today announced a partnership with LinkSquares, the company behind the AI-powered contract management platform of choice. Together, they aim to increase deal velocity with a simple, integrated, and more impactful solution.

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Leading workflow automation and eSignature tool OnTask has announced a new partnership with legal case management software provider SmartAdvocate. The channel partnership positions OnTask as an integrated eSignature and workflow automation provider for SmartAdvocate, and brings the tool’s flexible solutions to legal firms nationwide.

OnTask’s legal workflow automation software helps streamline firms’ documentation processes. This includes capturing legally binding electronic signatures, improving client intake procedures, enabling team collaboration, and securely collecting and storing documents.

The partnership provides a more cost-effective and consistent eSignature solution for SmartAdvocate’s customers. Additionally, law firms utilizing the tool will enjoy improved integration functionality and efficiency in their processes.

As part of the partnership, OnTask will work directly with SmartAdvocate customers to implement customized solutions, with a plan to offer additional capabilities and solution options in the future.

OnTask is backed by the support, documentation, and resources of Tampa-based Accusoft, a 30-year-old software company that holds more than 40 patents for software technologies.

Learn more about OnTask’s legal workflow automation solutions at

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iManage maintains Cloud adoption momentum by delivering against changing needs of knowledge workers in a blended work environment

CHICAGO – March 21, 2023 – iManage, the company dedicated to Making Knowledge Work™, today announced substantial growth in the adoption of iManage Cloud in 2022 globally, achieving an annual recurring SaaS revenue increase of 33 percent. This figure represents growth in adoption of iManage Cloud by existing and net new customers. Organizations supported the needs of their knowledge workers, to provide a secure environment, a modern user experience and advanced collaboration capabilities to enable them to work productively in a blended work environment. Additionally, this growth demonstrates iManage’s ability to easily scale its business operation in tune with market requirements. In 2022, all customers onboarded are running on sustainable energy that is 98% more carbon efficient than on-premises workloads.

iManage’s market leadership is across regions and market segments. 80% of the Global 100 and 77% of the AM Law 100 law firms, alongside 37% of the Fortune 100 organizations, are iManage customers. In EMEA, 87% of the top 100 European law firms use iManage. In the UK, 92% of the top 50 are iManage customers. Furthermore, the annual ILTA Technology Survey 2022 highlights the legal technology community’s ongoing and substantial preference for iManage across corporate enterprises and law firms in every market segment. Globally, the trend of law firms with under 50 lawyers selecting iManage as their preferred document management platform, continued too.

This growth is recognised also independently by business software peer-to-peer review website,, who names iManage a Leader in six categories including ‘Momentum Leader’ and ‘Highest User Adoption Enterprise’ categories.

iManage maintained its cloud leadership through continued investment in iManage Cloud, closely collaborating with Microsoft to leverage Azure. Today, iManage Cloud is operating at unprecedented scale with customers benefiting from continuous updates and global access across six regions.

Through 2022, iManage sustained its focus on iterative improvements to the platform to provide a fast, reliable, and connected experience to knowledge workers. The introduction of the “Task List” in the iManage Tracker task management application, is an example.

To support the achievement of the company’s priorities, in 2022, iManage significantly invested in R&D to the tune of 21% of revenue.

“Despite the uncertainties that dominated 2022, we maintained our singular focus on addressing the needs of our customers,” said Neil Araujo, CEO, iManage. “Underlying all customer priorities was providing a secure and advanced cloud service that delivered the best possible user experience so that the environment that professionals worked within was as frictionless as possible.”

From an organizational perspective, iManage’s global workforce grew by 7% across all aspects of the business, with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) being a core strategy. The company continued its commitment to sustainability, as the organization plays its part in helping to address the global climate change challenge.

Looking to the imminent future, Araujo concluded, “The real promise of the ‘future of work’ is the ability to easily adapt working practices to take advantage of new business opportunities and make better business decisions. So, from this year and beyond, our focus is on the ‘mastery’ of the cloud. We will leverage cloud-based technology, and combine with innovative thinking, to remove the perceived limits of applications, to support true transformation in the workplace.”

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About iManage

iManage is the company dedicated to Making Knowledge Work™. Its intelligent, cloud-enabled, secure knowledge work platform enables organizations to uncover and activate the knowledge that exists inside their business content and communications. Advanced Artificial Intelligence and powerful document and email management create connections across data, systems, and people while leveraging the context of organizational content to fuel deep insights, informed business decisions, and collaboration. Underpinned by best-of-breed security and sophisticated workflows and governance approaches, iManage has earned its place as the industry standard by continually innovating to solve complex professional challenges and enabling better business outcomes for over one million professionals across 65+ countries. Visit to learn more.

LexCheck joins LegalEase’s Preferred Partner program, creating a hybrid AI and alternative legal service provider (ALSP) solution for legal departments

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (March 21, 2023) — LegalEase Solutions LLC, which provides customized legal solutions for corporations, in-house legal departments and law firms, announced a partnership with LexCheck, Inc., the leading contract acceleration and intelligence platform.

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Casepoint delivers a transformative process for legal hold, data collection, and processing, seamlessly integrated with an end-to-end eDiscovery solution for corporate and government users.

TYSONS, Va.March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Casepoint, a leader in cloud-based legal hold and eDiscovery technology, today announced the release of an exciting upgrade to its industry-leading legal hold solution to meet the evolving needs of corporations and government agencies.

The expanded Legal Hold capabilities substantially streamline and accelerate the legal hold process across roles and departments, and includes many new customer-driven features that address the increasing requirements of both corporate and government users for litigation, investigations, and compliance.

“The new version includes improvements in almost all aspects of the software including user interface, templates, acknowledgments, approvals, and communications with external and internal parties,” said Vishal Rajpara, Casepoint’s Chief Technology Officer. “This version is easier to use, exponentially faster, and more efficient.”

By creating a seamless process for legal holds and data collection all the way through to document review, deposition preparation with Case Summary, and production, Casepoint enables corporate and government clients to accelerate their time to insight by up to 83% and reduce discovery-related costs by up to 57%.

“Almost 70% of the features in this module are responses to requests from corporate and government customers,” said Rajpara. “The upgraded version of Casepoint Legal Hold gives users an easy, stress-free tool that allows them to swiftly and securely preserve critical data in record time. We’ve expanded what preservation and collection can do. This upgrade requires fewer clicks, and it’s lightning fast.”

Casepoint’s enhanced legal hold solution transforms slow manual processes into streamlined workflows with more templatization; improved automated user communication; custom fields for unlimited configuration; an improved ability to pose dynamic, logic-based questions; and upgraded preservation speed — all designed to reduce clients’ exposure to risk.

“With these enhancements, Casepoint has strengthened the connection between ‘left side’ processes of the EDRM — such as information governance and data preservation — and ‘right side’ processes like technology-assisted review (TAR),” said Oliver Silva, Casepoint’s Director of Enterprise Accounts. “This solidifies our leadership in the legal technology space as one of the only providers integrating advanced technology across the entire left-to-right spectrum in a single-solution platform.”

Corporate and Government Use Cases

Casepoint Legal Hold’s upgraded capabilities address the distinct needs of both private and public sectors. Corporate litigators face rising risks from data breaches and an explosion of data from cloud-based applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, which now account for a sizable portion of ESI. Tasked with tight budgets and lean resources for their eDiscovery processes, government agencies must deal with an explosion of FOIA requests, increasing litigation, and growing data breach/cybersecurity risks.

Casepoint Legal Hold lowers the cost, risk, and number of hours both corporate litigators and government agencies spend on the legal hold process.

This latest upgrade allows users to save time by tracking responses and viewing reports in one secure solution, reduce risk by collecting data directly without the need for individual usernames or passwords, and provide configurable hold-notice acknowledgment reminders. Users no longer have to manually export, import, or transfer files, nor do they have to use spreadsheets.

“Once data has been preserved, users can leverage Casepoint eDiscovery to collect, process, analyze, review, and produce their data,” said Silva. “Our disruption-free, scalable, and defensible collection technology is powerful, simple, and secure.”

Casepoint will showcase the advanced capabilities of its enhanced legal hold module at Legalweek New York 2023 from March 20–23 at Booth #1302. Conference attendees are invited to drop by to see Casepoint’s secure, cloud-based legal hold and eDiscovery platform in action. Sign up here to connect with Casepoint at Legalweek.

About Casepoint

Casepoint is the legal technology platform of choice for corporations, government agencies, and law firms to meet their complex eDiscovery, investigations, and compliance needs. Powered by cutting-edge AI and advanced analytics, Casepoint helps teams cut through large volumes of data to quickly identify insightful and actionable information. Casepoint’s secure and scalable cloud-based platform is designed to help organizations take control of their data and processes to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, and lower overall legal spend. Casepoint’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface provides legal hold, cloud collections, powerful data processing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, review, and production.

Consilio Announces Partnership with Onna to Streamline eDiscovery Processes  

Sightline Collect, Powered by Onna, Enables Customers to Easily Turn Data into Actionable Insights 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 21, 2023 – Consilio, the global leader in legal technology solutions and enterprise legal services, today announced a partnership with Onna, the leading data management platform. The partnership’s initial release is Sightline Collect, powered by Onna, which provides Consilio customers with a holistic suite of eDiscovery collection and processing capabilities for mission-critical cloud applications, including Microsoft, Google, Atlassian, Slack, Zoom, and more.

As the industry continues to undergo digital transformation at a rapid pace, enterprises are struggling to keep up with the vast amount of unstructured and diverse data types produced by chat, audio, and video applications. The partnership between Consilio’s Sightline and Onna simplifies and automates the collection and processing of Collaboration, Communication, and Content data. It also accelerates time-to-review by up to 25%, enabling Consilio to provide complete discovery and early case assessment support for modern workplaces.

“While the pandemic certainly accelerated digital transformation for enterprises, it’s clear the world will only get more digital. Sightline Collect was built to combat information overload and equip teams with the tools they need to acquire and convert this data into a reviewable format faster and more efficiently,” said Pete Feinberg, Senior Vice President, Product and Innovation at Consilio. “Onna’s impressive capabilities and track record in knowledge discovery make them an ideal partner, and we look forward to continuing to work together to further establish Consilio as the premier provider of legal technology services.”

The collaboration with Onna enables Consilio to provide complete discovery and early case assessment support, improving service delivery efficiency, lowering ongoing investment costs, and accelerating growth and penetration in existing markets.

“The data landscape is changing at an ever-increasing pace, making access to complete and defensible data more important than ever before. Onna’s powerful pre-built connectors make connecting to modern cloud applications a breeze,” said Jose Lazares, Chief Product Officer at Onna. “By combining Onna’s data management platform with Consilio’s market-leading Sightline eDiscovery solution and expert services, Consilio now provides customers with the most complete one-stop-shop for eDiscovery.”

To learn more about the capabilities of Sightline Collect, Consilio and Onna will co-host an informational webinar on the best practices of diverse data types and how Sightline Collect can help deliver a complete solution for legal teams. The webinar will take place Tuesday, April 25 at 12:15 PM EDT.

About Consilio

Consilio is the global leader in eDiscovery, document review, risk management, and legal consulting services. Through its Consilio Complete suite of capabilities, the company supports multinational law firms and corporations using innovative software, cost-effective managed services, and deep legal and regulatory industry expertise. Consilio has extensive experience in litigation, HSR second requests, internal and regulatory investigations, eDiscovery, document review, information governance, compliance risk assessments, cybersecurity, law department management, contracts management, legal analytics, paper discovery and digital printing, as well as legal recruiting and placement. Consilio employs leading professionals in the industry, applying defensible workflows with patented and industry-proven technology across all phases of the eDiscovery and risk management lifecycle. ISO 27001:2013 certified, the company operates offices, document review and data centers across Europe, Asia, and North America. For more information, please visit us at