Control Work From Home with SecureReview. Here’s a handy chart that helps you understand what you may be missing from your hosted virtual infrastructure.

Capture and preserve the most interactive data sources on the web today.

Looking for technology that can archive and preserve digital, social, and online data in an interactive, native format that cannot be tampered with or doctored, can be easily searched and presented, and holds up to legal and regulatory scrutiny? No, it’s not too much to ask.

You see, the web isn’t static, so why are your archives? Hanzo Dynamic Capture provides authenticity via the highest-fidelity, full context dynamic capture, archive, and preservation of the web, collaboration apps, and social media content., and immutable retention that meets WORM storage standards. Our enterprise customers use Hanzo Dynamic Capture to meet FINRA, SEC, FTC, and eDiscovery web preservation requirements.

Even better, you don’t have to sacrifice marketing or digital innovation to maintain your ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance.
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More documents to review. Tighter deadlines and cost pressures. And more eyes on those documents. SecureReview protects sensitive data.

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Like most organizations, your workforce has shifted from the office to home. In the future, a hybrid workforce will be the norm. Are your documents truly secure?

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The transition to work from home dramatically changed legal document review. In-house counsel still expects outsourced providers to uphold strict confidentiality and data security requirements. Meanwhile, hackers have easy access to remote computers. Employees and contractors could leak confidential data. Corporate counsel needs to know that law firms and legal service providers have an ironclad security solution.

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Onit ReviewAI – Contract AI Review that Increases Velocity & Reduces Risk

Onit’s ReviewAI software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly and accurately review, redline, and edit all types of contracts in minutes. Non-legal business users can now automatically receive a reviewed, redlined, and approved contract via email or self-service portal in less than two minutes. For more hands-on functionality, the ReviewAI Word Add-in designed for lawyers and contract professionals automatically drafts, reviews, redlines, and edits contracts against corporate standards. Precedent learns as you work, and comes with a wide range of pre-trained skillsets so you can quickly configure the AI for use on a wide range of use cases, including NDAs, MSAs, SOWs, purchase agreements, lease agreements, employment agreements, construction and sub-contracting agreements and many more. When paired with a contract lifecycle management system like Onit’s, organizations obtain an AI-driven workflow that automates the entire contract lifecycle from creation to execution.

With ReviewAI, corporate legal professionals can:

– Approve contracts 60-70% faster 
– Review and redline a contract in 2 minutes or less
– Increase user productivity by up to 51.5%
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Organizations today use hundreds of apps to communicate, collaborate, and get work done. Each app, however, has become a knowledge silo, making it difficult and time-consuming to find and use the information you need. It also leads to increased legal operational, and regulatory costs and risks.

Onna’s Knowledge Integration Platform enables you to make your enterprise knowledge accessible, useful, and private. Onna connects to all your favorite apps, unifying the information from each into a single platform. Through powerful indexing, classification, machine learning, and natural language processing, our platform helps you identify key information instantaneously.

Find the data you’re looking for no matter where it lives.

Organizations today use best-of-breed apps to communicate, collaborate, and get work done. While this boosts productivity, it has also created scattered knowledge silos. This makes it difficult and timeconsuming to produce data quickly when faced with discovery requests, litigation, internal investigations, regulatory mandates, and audits. Onna connects to all of the apps you need to collect from, unifying the information from each one into a single Knowledge Integration Platform. Through powerful indexing, classification, machine learning, and natural language processing, you can quickly identify what you need.

Onna eDiscovery powers defensible, targeted data collection across cloud applications, including Slack, GSuite, and Microsoft 365. This means you can confidently collect, search, tag, archive and preserve data for specific users, as well as run custom exports.

The LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer spend evaluation provides a full assessment of your legal spend by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for cost savings and compliance improvements within your bill review program. By leveraging LegalVIEW, the industry’s benchmark datasets with $140B+ in legal spend, you can be confident in your results. We work with customers of all sizes, from those who have less than $5M to those with greater than $750M in legal spend.

For a limited time, Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutiosn will conduct a personalized CLM savings consultation and waive the first full year of CLM Matrix software subscription fees on new orders.