ILTA Product briefing webinar!

Get a live demo of how the imDocShare One Teams app enables you to experience the real-time co-authoring of iManage content in Microsoft Teams.

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In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll show a live demo of how the imDocShare One Teams app enables you to experience the real-time co-authoring of iManage content in Microsoft Teams.
  • How to seamlessly co-author Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) stored in iManage without ever leaving Microsoft Teams

  • How does the co-authoring capability of the imDocShare One Teams app reduce document creation and review times by allowing multiple users to collaborate simultaneously?

  • As a bonus, learn how the imDocShare Sync app helps to synchronize documents between Microsoft Teams and iManage and securely share iManage document links within a 1-1 or group chat.

CounselX for Legal Professionals

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Legal101 — to connect, communicate, and collaborate

Legal101 is on the go mobile-ready intranet platform, which empowers law firms to accelerate employee productivity, enhance communication and workplace efficiency. The platform enables attorneys and practitioners to stay connected and informed with law firms’ updates.

Legal101 Highlights

Lawyer Dashboard

Actionable Alerts

My Favorite Links / My Tools

Firm News and Newsletter System

Firm / Department / Office Calendar system

Firm Directory

Guided Search Experience

Search Results

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imDocShare is an innovative solution to conveniently live view, edit, search and sync iManage Work Server 10.2+ & iManage Cloud content within Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

The key Add-Ons of imDocShare

imDocShare One Teams app

imDocShare Teams app allows users to LiveView, Add, Edit, Search, and Sync any iManage Work Server 10.2+ (or iManage Cloud) content in Microsoft Teams as a personal app or Channel Tab.

Users can reference & insert document cards from iManage in Teams’ Conversations (Post), Save Microsoft Teams Channel Conversation Thread selectively to iManage and ensure Content Governance and Compliance

imDocShare Sync

imDocShare Sync allows users to automatically perform bi-directional/one-way sync of everything or selected folders/files, including metadata fields, between SharePoint, Teams Files, OneDrive Libraries, and iManage Workspaces/folder.

imDocShare Hybrid Search

imDocShare Hybrid Search provides the ability to Search multiple iManage and SharePoint content sources from one single integrated search interface in SharePoint.

imDocShare Content Browser

imDocShare Content Browser provides the ability to look up and reference any iManage content sources with your .NET, PHP, Java, or Full Stack web app.

imDocShare Attach

imDocShare Attach provides the ability to look up and link iManage documents within SharePoint List and Document Libraries.

Co-Authoring using Office Client

Users can co-author Office (version 2013 or above) documents saved in iManage right within SharePoint & Teams using Office Client like Word, Excel on their laptop.

imDocShare Admin

Users can centrally manage and enforce imDocShare Settings, including enable/disable/default-value setup of properties that can be otherwise modified by Page Admins in SharePoint WebParts and Users in Microsoft Teams’ Channel Tab.

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Cut down on non-billable hours without a painful software integration that requires lengthy retraining. Docubee intelligent contract automation gives you an all-in-one platform that fits your legal processes, not the other way around.

  • Custom workflows featuring conditional logic
  • Legally binding eSignatures
  • Review & collaborate on contracts using any device
  • AI-assisted contract generation
  • Integrate with your legal CRM & other software
  • No hidden fee pricing

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