The latest Filevine user benchmark report hammered home one key fact:

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ONE Portal to Manage Enterprise eDiscovery Projects!

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Law In Order and LEXEL collaborate to offer everything you need to run successful litigations, arbitrations or mediations.

Law In Order’s award-winning eHearings team comprises experienced lawyers, paralegals, senior IT professionals, legal consultants, and project managers, who help you design and deploy customized solutions to meet your next hearing’s requirements. Law In Order’s eHearings team is Australia’s largest and has in-depth knowledge of hearing rooms and relevant technologies

Connect with your case team on the LEXEL platform to collaborate on key documents, transcripts, insights, themes and strategies anywhere. From the early stages of evaluating a matter, to preparing the brief and beyond, LEXEL’s toolbox for annotations, full-text search, reports, messaging and collaboration helps legal professionals quickly illuminate the most compelling case themes.

Whether you are setting up a hearing room, running a case remotely or presenting your electronic evidence, Law In Order’s award-winning eHearings team, combined with LEXEL’s world-class case analysis and trial preparation platform enable you to produce winning arguments, seamlessly.

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We solve complex legal, regulatory, and data challenges for our clients around the world by leveraging our proprietary software backed by 24/7/365 support. We accomplish this through bespoke technologies and solutions that support you with litigation, investigation, compliance, and recovery from data loss.

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A Targeted Approach to DSAR Response

The California Privacy Rights Act is now in effect. In addition to DSAR requests from consumers, organizations should now expect an uptick in requests from employees and ex-employees. Is your organization ready?

Under CPRA you’re required to extend the same rights to employees as you do other consumers, including:

  • Notice: Employers must provide notice of the collection of PII to their employees, job applicants, and contractors.
  • Right to access: Employees have the right to access the PII you’ve collected.
  • Right to correct: Employees have the right to correct any of their PII they believe is incorrect.
  • Right to delete: Employees may request the deletion of any of their PII in your possession.

ProSearch works with legal, privacy, and HR teams to manage the DSAR response process. Our experienced DSAR project team uses tried-and-tested solutions to identify and process and assess likely responsive data across the organization. After identifying and redacting sensitive data, we deliver a tailored document production, enabling you to respond in a timely manner.

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Re-imagine contract review with AI-document understanding and analytics for corporate legal departments.

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At Cosmonauts, we’re specialists at accelerating business’ growth and propelling businesses to new heights by putting the right people in the same space. As a group of dynamic, energetic and strategic professionals, we are committed to delivering excellence in all our services including, capital raising and business development. 

Our London based team consists of seasoned individuals with a wealth of experience in their respective fields who drive the success of Cosmonauts on a day to day basis, guiding and inspiring our talented team to new levels of success. But our team is more than just a group of skilled professionals – we are a group of dynamic and driven individuals who are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. From our events coordinators to our business development consultants, every member of our team brings their unique talents and expertise to the table, working together to deliver exceptional results.

So if you’re ready for your business to take off, look no further than Cosmonauts, you found us. 

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KLDiscovery’s technology-enabled services and software empower you to complete one-off collections from numerous data sources for matters. Additionally, our data management and eDiscovery solutions with automated workflows increase your organization’s efficiency to support ongoing litigation needs.

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KLDiscovery’s Cyber Incident Response services leverage years of experience handling incident response matters, Canopy software purpose-built for data mining, and tailored workflows delivered by a dedicated team of incident response specialists.

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The Challenge

Deploying a server-based document viewing solution like PrizmDoc is a fantastic way to view, annotate, redact, and compare multiple file types within your application. When your customers need to access and manage several files or large documents, those viewing requirements can put a lot of pressure on your server. Utilizing more server resources not only increases your operational costs, but also impacts viewing performance for customers as the server works to process the file and deliver rendered versions to their device.

The Solution

Accusoft’s PrizmDoc now features a versatile Hybrid Viewing feature that offloads document viewing capabilities to the end user’s device, which conserves valuable server resources and significantly improves viewing performance. By reducing the majority of processing work, as well as ongoing page views as the user scrolls through the document, to local devices and minimally accessing the server for initial document preparation, the Hybrid Viewing feature significantly reduces server requirements and allows users to access and view documents faster. This new feature is for the viewing of PDF files. For files not already in PDF format users can take advantage of the new viewing package which converts any file format to PDF. This helps to dramatically reduce resource-intensive rendering work that frequently impacts viewing performance, and the experience has the same responsiveness as if the user is viewing documents in a local application.

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