Rethinking Information Governance In The Age Of Unstructured Enterprise Data 

In this eBook, we’ll uncover how the concept of information governance has evolved over time, examine the most critical interdisciplinary elements of IG, and develop a flexible, holistic approach for any organization that wants to advance their information governance efforts.

If you have a complex, dynamic website—whether it’s created using an advanced CMS like Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore Experience Manager, Drupal, or some other tool or combination of tools—you need to ensure that you also have dynamic web archiving capabilities.
Hanzo’s Compliance Archiving of Advanced CMS is the guide digital marketing and compliance professionals can use to understand best practices for capturing web content.
Get the Resource for Archiving Success with Advanced Content Management Systems:
  • Features and benefits of top CMS solutions
  • Overview of archiving requirements for regulated industries
  • 3 common regulatory challenges for sophisticated websites
  • 6 archiving best practices including

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Do you really know who’s looking at your most confidential data? Documents travel the globe to employees, contractors, business partners and collaborators.

That’s a lot of opportunity for leaks. WFH creates new cybersecurity hazards. 

It’s impossible to lock down all those computers manually and ensure they stay that way. Answer these five questions to find out if your security posture is all it can be.

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Slack proclaims that its collaboration platform is “where work happens.” That’s becoming increasingly the case as supporting a remote workforce becomes a critical part of business agility and productivity.
Data within Slack must be treated with the same care and intentionality as more traditional forms of electronically stored information (ESI) like emails, memos, and corporate documents.
Read this guide to learn more about why organizations should seize the opportunity to govern their Slack data, reduce information risk, and meet their discovery obligations.
Download This Guide To Discover:
Useful tips to manage Slack data like a pro.
Slack Fundamentals
Learn how organizations are using Slack and how the data can be integral for ediscovery, compliance, investigations and more.
Ediscovery And Compliance Challenges
From data management to defining custodians, to unwieldy exports, corporate legal needs a clear understanding of the challenges to consider.
Best Practices
A 12-step guide to collecting, preserving, and defensibly deleting data in Slack.