doeLEGAL, A Questel Company, develops the step-by-step “playbook” to help legal teams set up for success! By assembling a diverse team, asking the right questions, checking the needs, watching for dealbreakers, gathering the needed evidence, and presenting it in a way that sways decision-makers, Questel builds the guide to success when evaluating legal technology purchases.

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The pandemic continues to drive pronounced change in all industries as we adapt to the ‘new normal’ and this is especially evident from the legal perspective. Even the most reticent and tech-averse lawyers have vigorously embraced the new modes of hearings in an effort to continue practicing and supporting their clients.

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Meeting Modern eDiscovery Challenges Whitepaper – co-authored by our internal eDiscovery team at Microsoft, providing details and recommendations on how Microsoft leverages eDiscovery (Premium) to optimize their eDiscovery process to reduce risk and cost.

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Driving Greater Process Efficiency for Legal and Compliance at a Global Corporation

Case reports that once took hours, now only take a matter of minutes.

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WINNER! CobbleStone Software is named the Leader in CLM in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions 2022 SPARK Matrix™ for Contract Lifecycle Management.


Contract Manager, are you considering Contract Management Software?

Then it’s time to whip out your binos and be on the lookout for these 7 must-have Contract Management features!

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Your company can’t do business without contracts, and your legal department is highly skilled at managing those contracts. But are you, as trusted legal advisors, giving your company the most value from those crucial agreements? For example, if your chief financial officer (CFO) comes to your department with the news that the business needs to raise prices, could you quickly tell the CFO which of the company’s contracts can accommodate a price increase?

If your company’s legal department is like many, you don’t have an easily searchable repository of contracts to turn to for a fast answer to that question. Determining the strategic path and figuring out what to tell your CFO, which will influence what your business does next, will cost you and your team hours of work and a lot of aggravation.

To make full use of the value embedded in your company’s contracts, your legal team needs complete visibility of your holistic contract portfolio. And complete visibility requires a system for managing the entire contract lifecycle, so your team can take swift action in response to business or regulatory needs. The good news is, systems like that do exist: they’re called contract lifecycle management (CLM).

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Rethinking Information Governance In The Age Of Unstructured Enterprise Data 

In this eBook, we’ll uncover how the concept of information governance has evolved over time, examine the most critical interdisciplinary elements of IG, and develop a flexible, holistic approach for any organization that wants to advance their information governance efforts.

If you have a complex, dynamic website—whether it’s created using an advanced CMS like Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore Experience Manager, Drupal, or some other tool or combination of tools—you need to ensure that you also have dynamic web archiving capabilities.
Hanzo’s Compliance Archiving of Advanced CMS is the guide digital marketing and compliance professionals can use to understand best practices for capturing web content.
Get the Resource for Archiving Success with Advanced Content Management Systems:
  • Features and benefits of top CMS solutions
  • Overview of archiving requirements for regulated industries
  • 3 common regulatory challenges for sophisticated websites
  • 6 archiving best practices including

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Do you really know who’s looking at your most confidential data? Documents travel the globe to employees, contractors, business partners and collaborators.

That’s a lot of opportunity for leaks. WFH creates new cybersecurity hazards. 

It’s impossible to lock down all those computers manually and ensure they stay that way. Answer these five questions to find out if your security posture is all it can be.

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