Save Time and Reduce Cost by Automating ECF Notice Processing

Reducing operational costs has been a significant focus of law firms and corporate legal departments for some time. The automation of high volume/low-value repetitive tasks – the kind which no one involved relishes performing – is a strategy that has been widely adopted by law firms and corporate legal departments alike, and is well-proven to be effective in delivering operational efficiencies that result in lower costs and superior outcomes.

It no longer makes sense for law firms to continue to process electronic court filing (ECF) notices manually when these time-consuming, cumbersome, error prone, and typically non-billable tasks can be automated.

The benefits of ECF notice automation for firms of any size are quantitatively and qualitatively significant in terms of (i) reduced cost (with fast ROI); (ii) risk mitigation; (iii) enforcement of firm policies; (iv) better data quality; (v) better visibility into resource needs and allocation; and (vi) improved partner and employee morale.

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