5 Ways Law Firm Office Administrators Are


CASE STUDY:  How the Law Firm Pullman & Comley LLC, Saved $189,000,

Without Risking a Dime on IT Consultants, While Actually Improving

Up-time and Performance …

If document management, printing, and copying costs are burning a hole in your budget…

…And you’re wondering if you even have a handle on your total cost of ownership, which is more than you probably think.

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Your eyes will be opened to hidden cost savings and operational efficiencies, both direct and indirect… without sacrifice to output quality, user productivity, security, or the environment.

…And how to streamline procurement, maintenance and management of hardware, software utilities, support procedures, and materials in every way.

Reducing Copier/Printer Management & Services Costs With Improved Efficiencies & Deadbolt Security AT ZERO Upfront Cost!

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Document and Data Security

How less-than-best practices in device security, access security, document security and end of life security (Hard Drive Disposal) may be leaving you wide open to a data security breach, leaving your clients vulnerable, and your firm open to expensive litigation, and your reputation at risk.

 …Copier Analytics can examine this.

American Bar Association 2019 Legal Tech Report Finding: 

ONE IN FOUR Law Firms Have Experienced a Practice Threatening Security Breach…

And that percentage is climbing compared to previous years.


Copier Analytics’ Unique Contingency-Based Consulting Services

Document  Management, Printing & Copying Experts

Zero-Cost COMPLIMENTARY Total Cost of Ownership Analysis & TCO Report

To determine your security vulnerabilities and all components of your Document Management and Printing & Copying expenditure, and how much you can save.

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