Copier Analytics’ Unique Contingency-Based Consulting Services

Copier and Printer Management Consultants

Copier Analytics Deliverable

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis and Report.
  • Target pricing inclusive of required Service Level Agreement and equipment.
  • Validation of current practices and strategic technology recommendations.
  • Process improvement/change management strategy.

    We understand:

  • The current ‘Digitally Enabled’ Managed Print Services marketplace and technology.
  • The key issues and challenges faced by organizations in managing this commodity.
  • Regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability Initiatives.
  • The efficiencies needed to reduce paper output and consumption.

     Our Benchmarks Provide Answers to Key Questions:

  • Is this a competitive market price for the services being provided?
  • How do services, service levels, & terms compare to the market?
  • Device security, access security, document security and end of life security ( Hard Drive Disposal)?
  • Document management (ECM)- create, store, and secure documents more efficiently?

Document and Data Security

How less-than-best practices in device security, access security, document security and end of life security (Hard Drive Disposal) may be leaving your firm wide open to a data security breach, leaving your clients vulnerable, and your firm open to expensive litigation, and your reputation at risk.

 Copier Analytics Can Examine This …

Document  Management, Printing & Copying Experts:  

Zero-Cost COMPLIMENTARY Total Cost of Ownership Analysis & TCO Report

To determine your security vulnerabilities and all components of your Document Management and Printing & Copying expenditure, and how much you can save.

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