Reveal, the leading provider of eDiscovery and investigation software and services tailored for global use, announced today that Balfour Beatty has engaged Reveal as its preferred provider of eDiscovery services in the United States.

To stay on the cutting edge of legal technology, Balfour Beatty spent much of 2019 identifying and implementing new tools and functionality for electronic data processing, discovery and review. Balfour Beatty selected Reveal’s eDiscovery solution because it allows for the self-performance of eDiscovery processing, data analytics, utilization of sophisticated artificial intelligence models for technology-assisted review and a consolidated document review platform that can be used across their U.S. business.

“When starting this process, I knew we needed a platform that was cloud-based and easily scalable. We sought to find the right balance of ease of use while having access to intuitive yet robust artificial intelligence and visualization tools,” says Aaron Bath, CED, RP, and national director of litigation management at Balfour Beatty. “Reveal’s platform has the flexibility to interact with our data in a manner we are accustomed to while harnessing the platform’s muscle to improve our efficiency, lower our costs and better leverage our documents. Reveal’s consulting expertise and training team developed a bespoke workflow addressing the unique needs and challenges of the construction / infrastructure space.”

“Reveal is uniquely positioned to fulfill Balfour Beatty’s eDiscovery needs. The company needed an eDiscovery solution that conforms to the many different requirements of discovery,” says Wendell Jisa, chief executive officer for Reveal. “Reveal allows for companies like Balfour Beatty to adapt as their discovery needs shift with every case, because of our 19 data centers, support and highly scalable, cloud-based eDiscovery and investigation solution.”

Reveal recently announced the launch of the latest version of the platform, which contains 210 new features that provide more speed and scalability for eDiscovery. The new enhancements continue the company’s efforts to help law firms and corporate legal departments navigate regulations, accelerate review and conquer big data with data centers across five continents. Reveal, which specializes in international data privacy requirements, provides experienced consultants and support staff and offers a user interface that detects more than 160 languages.