CloudNine just launched CloudNine Collection Manager™ (“Collection Manager”), a breakthrough data extraction solution from the global electronic discovery technology provider.  Installed in minutes, Collection Manager defensibly performs native data collections from Office 365 (O365) email custodians, as well as Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage files.

Collection Manager is easy enough for first-time collectors, yet powerful enough for discovery professionals.  Collection Manager quickly and securely connects to O365 and OneDrive data sources, including documents linked from email messages, which few other collection solutions can do. The software’s wizard interface guides collectors to browse and select one or multiple data custodians, filter by date, and extract data to desired formats such as PSTs or Zip files for loose documents.  Collection Manager then sends extracted files to target hard drives, jump drives, or network drives or early case assessment products such as CloudNine Explore™ and others.

Highly flexible and adaptable, Collection Manager seamlessly fits within the workflow of many eDiscovery products and automatically integrates with its sister product, CloudNine Explore.  With a single click, data collectors can output data from Collection Manager directly into Explore cases, and the ingested data is automatically processed and analyzed.  Explore can then be configured to automatically notify lawyers via email when data is ready to be immediately searched and reviewed.

Collection Manager joins CloudNine’s robust suite of eDiscovery software including Explore, Review™, LAW™, and Concordance®.  For ultimate flexibility, CloudNine software can work as a fully integrated end-to-end eDiscovery system, or each solution can be used as an independent, best-in-breed product to fit into any eDiscovery workflow.

“CloudNine Collection Manager debuts as a remarkably powerful and flexible native collection solution for today’s enterprise collection demands,” commented Tony Caputo, CEO of CloudNine.  “Collection Manager’s ability to defensibly collect and extract data from both Office 365 and OneDrive will be a ‘Must Have’ for many of our clients.  Since the software installs in minutes and requires no training, it is universally accessible for any collection project and any skill level.  Our eDiscovery partners, as well as law firm and corporate clients, have been eagerly anticipating the release of Collection Manager, and we are confident they will benefit substantially from the new technology.”

“The CloudNine development team worked tirelessly to ensure that Collection Manager is capable of handling complex native collections while also being extremely easy to use,” said Doug Austin, Vice President of Products and Professional Services at CloudNine.  “Collection Manager is automatically integrated with Explore but also versatile because it works within the workflow of many other eDiscovery products as well.  We are incredibly proud to offer Collection Manager and look forward to assisting our partners and clients as they increasingly use the system to complete their native data collections.”

For more information about CloudNine Collection Manager or to request a demo, visit: or email  CloudNine will be demonstrating Collection Manager at Legalweek New York on February 4-6 at booth 3000.  Visit for more information.