LawPay is essential to the Smith & Vinson Law Firm


The Smith & Vinson Law Firm is a criminal defense firm founded in Austin, Texas in 2016. They are 100 percent focused on criminal defense, representing individuals in cases involving DWI, domestic violence, assault, sex crimes, weapons charges, and other criminal justice matters. “Our mission is to do everything possible to help the client out,” said Brad Vinson, one of the founding partners at Smith & Vinson. “We want you to know that we’re here to fight for you, no matter what.”


Smith & Vinson knew from the very beginning that they wanted to accept online payments in their firm. For Jarrod Smith, founding partner at Smith & Vinson, LawPay was his first choice. “We actually started with LawPay. It was recommended by our state bar, and by other lawyers, as the best payment processor.” Brad Vinson did some research on online payment processors, but after reviewing several options that were available, the answer was clear. “We talked to our bank and a couple other banks about the services they offered. No one really compared to what LawPay was putting on the table.”

While the firm still accepts other forms of payments, LawPay’s online payments solution quickly became their clients’ preferred way to pay. Brad Vinson said that “probably 80 percent of the transactions that clients make with us come from LawPay.” Jarrod Smith concurred, “our clients love LawPay!


Smith & Vinson appreciated how LawPay allowed them to get a payment request out the door as soon as one came up. “In criminal defense, clients often want to pay you outside of their payment schedule,” said Brad Vinson. “We have requests at any given moment for a payment, and we want to be able to send one right away.” 

Jarrod Smith particularly liked how LawPay’s Quick Bill feature streamlined Smith & Vinson’s practice. “Quick Bill has been essential. It has made our practice more efficient, and it saves us time and money by being able to send out payments so quickly.”


Another standout LawPay feature for Smith & Vinson is its robust reporting system. “Being able to quickly go in and see on a month-to-month basis how much money is coming in through LawPay is something we really like,” said Brad Vinson. “Also, being able to see more specific criteria, like picking a date range and seeing how much income had come in during that time period. We really like it.” Jarrod Smith echoed his partner’s praise of LawPay’s reporting features. “They allow me and my legal assistant to quickly see who has paid and who hasn’t.” In all, Smith & Vinson feel they couldn’t have made a better choice by going with LawPay. As Brad Vinson put it, “between the speed of doing a transaction, the fees associated with them, the ease of use—we felt comfortable that LawPay was the way to go.”