Stephenville law firm adds 10% to their bottom line with LawPay


Founded in 2004 in Stephenville, Texas, Fraser, Wilson & Bryan, a full-service firm specializing in civil litigation, family law, and transactional law. Their firm is focused on serving residents and businesses located in Stephenville and its surrounding counties. “Our firm has deep ties to Stephenville,” said Kimberly Pack Wilson, founding partner at Fraser, Wilson & Bryan, P.C. “I was raised here. Amy Bryan and I went to Tarleton State University. It’s where we call home, and we want to make our home a better place.” 


Kim Wilson recalls the day she discovered LawPay, and how quickly her team decided to hop on board. “I found LawPay at a booth at a CLE. We had a partners’ meeting, and it was an easy decision. Yes! Let’s sign up for LawPay!” Once the decision was made, making the switch turned out to be a breeze. Kim Wilson happily recounted, “incorporating LawPay into our practice was the easiest technology addition we have ever made!” 

Prior to LawPay, Fraser, Wilson & Bryan was using a payment solution that just wasn’t meeting their specific needs as a law firm. “When it comes to accepting credit card payments, they can’t be co-mingled with the charges coming from credit card services.” Thankfully, LawPay was built specifically to address this issue for law firms. “LawPay is able to make us ethically compliant in a very easy way. If you’re going to use a credit card system, you should be using a system that understands the business of law—and that’s LawPay.”


Kim Wilson found that LawPay has made her firm’s daily operations simpler and more efficient. Their clients are able to pay much faster than if they used traditional methods. “Paying through LawPay is convenient for our clients. They don’t have to wait until we’re open, or stop by the office. They just go online and make their payment.” 

Since making the switch, more and more of Fraser, Wilson & Bryan’s clients have been making payments through LawPay. “About 40 percent of our payments are done online or over the phone through LawPay,” Kim Wilson noted. In fact, using LawPay has helped lead to increased profits for Fraser, Wilson, & Bryan. “We’ve had a 10 percent swing in our profit margin,” said Kim Wilson. “About 6 percent is attributable to more revenue and about 4 percent attributing to doing less work.”

LawPay’s location-flexibility is also valuable to Fraser, Wilson, & Bryan. When Kim Wilson travels for mediation services, she is able to take payments for her services right then and there, which has made the other lawyers turn their heads. “It always impresses the other lawyers that I’m able to take payments no matter where I am,” Kim Wilson said.

All in all, Fraser, Wilson, & Bryan couldn’t be happier that they discovered LawPay so many years ago. As Kim Wilson describes it, “LawPay helps us deliver customer service that exceeds their expectations. That’s what I need from legal technology—to make me look like a rockstar and a modern law firm. LawPay does that.”