LawPay and Pars Consulting Announce New Technology Integration for Big Law

AUSTIN, Texas (Jan 21)—Law firms utilizing Curo365—built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform—can now connect Curo365 and LawPay for fully-integrated, secure online payment processing. Pars Consulting Incorporated recently completed the new, custom Curo365 integration for LawPay, the industry leader in legal payments, to help streamline billing and payments in firms using Curo365 for large and enterprise-level practice management solutions.

“LawPay and Pars Consulting share the same mission to help legal professionals leverage technology to improve their efficiencies and cash flow,” said Stephen Perez, VP of Custom Solutions at LawPay. “The LawPay integration Pars Consulting built for Curo365 users gives lawyers the tools they need to succeed. We plan to partner with Pars Consulting on other payments-related projects to design and develop custom technology solutions for law firms.”

The Curo365 practice management solution includes numerous tools, including productivity features, intended to help large law firms improve efficiency and streamline their workflows. By adding integrated payments capabilities, Curo365 functions as a comprehensive, full-featured tool allowing law firms to manage all aspects of their practice without having to jump between different platforms.

“There were lots of payment options we could have built an integration with, but we went with LawPay because they’re the best and because our clients were asking for it,” said Ardavan Gurg, founder of Pars Consulting. “We believe an increasing number of law firms will be interested in Curo365 because it now has a LawPay integration.”

If you are interested in taking advantage of this custom integration between LawPay and Curo365, contact LawPay at 866-376-0950.

About Pars Consulting

Pars Consulting Incorporated was founded in 2006 with the goal of helping law offices in their practice management. They are backed by a proven track record working with subject matter experts across a number of industries like hospital risk management, legal and accounting. Their ultimate goal is to help businesses become lean and efficient so that they can achieve rapid growth.

About LawPay

LawPay was developed specifically to provide a sophisticated payment solution for legal professionals. The LawPay platform contractually protects client funds by correctly separating earned and unearned fees and by restricting the ability of any third-party from debiting monies from a trust or IOLTA account. LawPay is available through all 50 state bars, more than 60 local and specialty bars, the American Bar Association, and the Association of Legal Administrators as a vetted and approved payment solution for the legal industry. Learn more at


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