Mutual Mobile is very proud to attend Legal Week for the first time and introduce ourselves to the legal tech community. 

John Paul Sommer is the Vice President of XR (Extended Reality) at Mutual Mobile.  Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions at elite game companies like EA, Zynga, Midway, and Microsoft. His extensive background in visual design and interactive software development spans over twenty five years, incorporating many different platforms including PC, Console, Mobile, and now XR. 

Over the last several years, John has co-founded a VR Entertainment Company, as well as designed and produced over 20 XR experiences for some of the world’s largest brands like Walmart, Nestle, Toyota, Salesforce, Lockheed Martin, and Royal Caribbean. John plays a key role at Mutual Mobile in driving successful business development for emerging XR technologies.

John will be delivering 20-min lightning talks on Wednesday in LITE theatre on the 2nd level right outside of Rhinelander Hall. 

Trial Prep in VR: Help reduce fear and anxiety to perform confidently under pressure.  

Wednesday, 1:30 pm