ZyLAB Insights Added to eDiscovery Platform
New Artificial Intelligence-based functionality automatically performs entity extraction of case data

TYSONS, Virginia, January 25, 2021: ZyLAB, manufacturer of ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery, today launched ZyLAB Insights, a major new enhancement to its solution offering allowing for the automatic extraction of entity information from unstructured datasets.

“ZyLAB Insights represents a major milestone in our ongoing commitment to bring the latest in data science to our customers,” said Dennis van der Veeke, Chief Executive Officer of ZyLAB. “The ability for legal professionals to be able to identify people, places, organizations and other entity types mentioned within their documents and have those references automatically flagged or redacted will greatly enhance the speed with which document review is performed while reducing the risk of unintentionally releasing sensitive or privileged information.”

Named-entity Recognition (NER) or entity extraction is an artificial intelligence-based methodology that locates and classifies named entities mentioned in unstructured text into pre-defined categories. This extracted information is then added to the metadata of the documents and is indexed along with the content to be searchable within the review platform. Users will be able to view, search for and automatically redact the names of people mentioned in documents, for example.

More importantly, this type of enrichment allows for smarter fact-finding within datasets, permitting the users to perform searches such as “PERSON w/5 LOCATION” where any person mentioned in any document within 5 words of any named location is revealed.

ZyLAB Insights will be available shortly to all ZyLAB ONE SaaS customers in both the North American and European markets and will be priced in bundles by the millions of characters indexed.

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