Hanzo Hold  Revolutionizes Discovery for Google Workspace (G Suite) with New Release

Hanzo gives enterprises incomparable ease-of-use, visibility, and granular control over the collection, preservation, culling, tagging, and exporting of Google Workspace data in a review-ready format for discovery.


Hanzo, a company known for its pioneering technology in dynamic web content preservation from enterprise collaboration applications and complex websites, today announced the beta release of Hanzo Hold for Google Workspace (G Suite) with select customers, with general availability in April. Hanzo brings best-in-class discovery insights and delivers a  purpose-built ediscovery and investigation tool that solves key unresolved challenges with existing market solutions.


Most organizations have an overwhelming volume of data in Google Workspace. Hanzo Hold makes it easy to manage data discovery and investigations efficiently and cost-effectively with these features.


  • Easy-to-use interface controls both Google Workspace and Slack: One interface controlling collaborative tools, data preservation and data collection.
  • Google Vault control:  Easily connect to Google Workspace with a better user experience for Google Vault allowing Legal Ops to issue holds and perform collections through Hanzo Hold.
  • Targeted data collections: Reduce overall collection sizes by precisely defining custodians (users) and their data by using visual tools such as Google Drive Explorer along with date filters. Users can select the exact Drive information they need to collect from any custodian down to the individual file level.
  • Enhanced file metadata: Hanzo provides visibility to extended metadata beyond what is available via Google Vault, thereby providing better search capabilities once a file is collected.
  • Full data indexing and search capabilities: File searching comes to life in Hanzo with full text and metadata available creating more precise search returns. Provides greater search depth than Google Search/Vault alone giving users more accurate and complete search results.
  • View file versions and history: View file history and previous versions to access more file information. Provides more accuracy and better granular control over document versioning and user edit history.
  • File tagging: Organize data and have more control over data within the system and greater accuracy when exporting information.
  • Review ready exports: Exports complete with full metadata, native files, and text virtually eliminate the need to index data inside review platforms such as Relativity saving complexity, time, and money.

“Hanzo Hold for Google Workspace is born from customers requesting easy-to-use solutions for managing discovery for both Google Workspace and Slack collaboration data,” said Senior Product Manager, Dave Ruel. “ Through Hanzo Hold, we’re providing enterprises one interface to control the data preservation and collection of these collaborative platforms and we’re providing customers solutions to simplify the unique challenges of dynamic, complex data sources — saving time, training costs, and the need for multiple systems.”

About Hanzo

Hanzo brings context and a greater understanding of enterprise data to corporate legal and compliance teams by providing in-house control over dynamic and collaborative data sources. This control allows organizations to reduce billions of dollars in risk, litigation, and compliance costs and elevate their corporate legal and regulatory compliance responses. Hanzo’s software empowers defensible preservation, targeted collection, and efficient review of dynamic content from enterprise collaboration applications and complex websites. Hanzo is SOC 2® Type 2 certified, demonstrating its commitment to data security and serves large corporations worldwide.  Learn more at hanzo.co and follow updates on Twitter: @gethanzo or on LinkedIn.