As lawyers continue to work from home, they are logging more of their own billable hours and spending more time overall in their case management platforms. While case management software providers are experiencing a boom in usage, lawyers are also calling for more integrations that accommodate and improve their remote settings. An article in LTN this week, As Case Management Software Usage Grows, Lawyers Call for More Integrations, highlights this trend. AbacusNext’s legal global product marketing director Tomas Suros said the practice management platform has experienced an uptick in time tracking and APX billing usage. “I think this is in response to a remote work environment when manual [spreadsheet] or even paper-based tracking of time simply isn’t feasible any longer.”

This week AbacusNext announced the company will present Amicus Cloud 6.1 during Legalweek(year) 2021. Amicus Cloud is a cloud-based practice management solution that allows firms to access information about their practice 24/7 using any device from any location.  The Amicus Cloud dashboard makes it easy to manage every task – Calendar, Email, Tasks, Time and Billing, and Matter Management.  A secure client portal includes APX electronic payments (Abacus Payment Exchange), for seamless management of client billing.

The new release of Amicus Cloud includes support for recurring client billings in APX, for retainers or other flexible fee arrangements. Automatic organization of any document into its appropriate folder makes case information retrieval easier.

Tomas Suros, global product marketing director says “Inefficient and cumbersome payment and bill collection practices hinder companies’ ability to optimize their practice. Using Amicus Cloud with APX to schedule client payments and improve billing processes allows our customers to leverage the technology to build a better practice.”

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