Partnership Integrates AI Tools with Mitratech’s TeamConnect

Today, WiseTime announced a new strategic partnership with Mitratech to enhance efficiency and relieve administrative burdens for professionals. As legal leaders are working to manage workloads, address WFH burnout, and deal with the great resignation trend, the Mitratech community will have a comprehensive tool at hand. WiseTime provides a time and productivity tracking tool that eliminates the burden of manual data entry while also resolving individual privacy concerns. 

WiseTime and Mitratech began their collaboration during an implementation project at a state agency, where Mitratech’s TeamConnect software is employed to manage the state’s legal matters. While developing the connection between the software tools, the two companies saw potential to assist clients in a similar manner and to expand the collaboration into additional products and business areas.

WiseTime has developed a software suite that seamlessly integrates the autonomous and AI driven capabilities of WiseTime’s time and productivity tracking tool with Mitratech’s TeamConnect. This allows legal professionals to benefit from granular time & attention information, to create greater efficiencies in their teams, and gain accurate insight into cost & spend analysis.

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for WiseTime to help solve the pain of collecting accurate time data in new industry segments, and to augment existing workflow, reporting and analytics functionalities of TeamConnect,” said Thomas Haines, founder of WiseTime, “The partnership helps align our teams to deliver a frictionless user experience.” 

“The WiseTime-Mitratech partnership could not have happened at a more opportune time.” said Danish Butt, Director of Global Alliances at Mitratech. “With a pre-built connection and quick time to value, legal leaders in the Mitratech eco-system can gain immediate insight into their employee workload and productivity. This will also allow legal cost managers to get a complete spend for both internal and external in one place.”