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WiseTime Announces Strategic Partnership with Mitratech Partnership Integrates AI Tools with Mitratech’s TeamConnect

Partnership Integrates AI Tools with Mitratech’s TeamConnect Today, WiseTime announced a new strategic partnership with Mitratech to enhance efficiency and relieve administrative burdens for professionals. As legal leaders are working to manage workloads, address WFH burnout, and deal with the great resignation trend, the Mitratech community will have a comprehensive tool at hand. WiseTime provides […]

Navigating timekeeping solutions; how to choose the right software for your legal firm

How workplace time is spent Today’s knowledge workers, such as accountants, lawyers, digital consultants and product developers, are masters of multitasking. Even if they’re working on just a single project or account, they’re likely to be jumping from one desktop task to another over the typical workday. Websites. Word documents. Spreadsheets. Emails. PDFs. PowerPoints and […]

Using WiseTime, attorneys doubled the hours documented, captured and accounted for in half the time it would take to do so manually

WiseTime Pilot with Spruson Ferguson Leading intellectual property (IP) firm Spruson & Ferguson was the first IP services team to complete a pilot of WiseTime, proving the benefits of the autonomous timekeeping tool. The results of the pilot were incredibly favourable. Using WiseTime, attorneys captured more than double the amount of work time than they […]

How WiseTime ensures you get the credit you deserve with audit-proof documentation

Innovation required Driving innovation is critical to just about every business today – and it’s not just for tech companies. Any industry that makes incremental improvements to products and processes based on expert research and insight actively engages in research and development (R&D). Nevertheless, hiring trained, skilled researchers and supporting them with the time, information […]

WiseTime was designed and developed with the principle of individual privacy, and security, at the forefront.

WiseTime was designed and developed with the principle of individual privacy at the forefront. We believe that individual privacy is paramount, especially as our digital landscapes continue to change and grow. We believe that the software should be designed with privacy and security guiding the way, not as an afterthought. https://www.theedgeroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/WiseTime-Security-Whitepaper.pdf