A Targeted Approach to DSAR Response

The California Privacy Rights Act is now in effect. In addition to DSAR requests from consumers, organizations should now expect an uptick in requests from employees and ex-employees. Is your organization ready?

Under CPRA you’re required to extend the same rights to employees as you do other consumers, including:

  • Notice: Employers must provide notice of the collection of PII to their employees, job applicants, and contractors.
  • Right to access: Employees have the right to access the PII you’ve collected.
  • Right to correct: Employees have the right to correct any of their PII they believe is incorrect.
  • Right to delete: Employees may request the deletion of any of their PII in your possession.

ProSearch works with legal, privacy, and HR teams to manage the DSAR response process. Our experienced DSAR project team uses tried-and-tested solutions to identify and process and assess likely responsive data across the organization. After identifying and redacting sensitive data, we deliver a tailored document production, enabling you to respond in a timely manner.

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