Consilio Strengthens Its Sightline Legal Discovery Platform with Launch of Legal Hold and Continuous Active Learning Capabilities 

As legal holds and data management complexities rise, Sightline offers end-to-end modern discovery, investigations, and legal hold solutions to streamline the entire Legal Discovery process.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 14, 2023 – Consilio, the global leader in legal technology solutions and enterprise legal services, today announced significant innovations to their Sightline platform with the launch of Legal Hold and Continuous Active Learning capabilities. With Sightline, clients can effectively manage the entire discovery process – from legal hold to review – within a market-leading, modern enterprise platform supported by the global leader.

The addition of Sightline Legal Hold allows organizations to increase efficiency while reducing the cost, risk, and complexity of managing legal hold workflows and preparing data for downstream discovery activities. With Sightline Legal Hold, customers can:

  • Manage legal holds through a customizable workflow with preservation-in-place enabled by its Microsoft Purview integration
  • Add, administer, and import employee data from popular HRIS systems, ensuring holds are in-sync with an organization’s current employee lists while allowing for custom data requirements
  • Manage preservations and communications of holds together or independently in one unified interface – allowing users to flex to meet their organization’s needs
  • Drive effective communications through surveys, escalations, reminders, releases, and ancillary notices to non-custodians
  • Ensure compliance and transparency of legal hold processes with detailed logging and reporting that include workflow summaries and robust communication logs

“As a leader in designing best practice legal workflows, our experts have seen legal holds become more complex with the rise in remote work and disparate data sources,” said Meredith Kildow, Chief Revenue Officer. “Sightline Legal Hold helps clients effectively address these challenges with a robust and customizable legal hold platform designed to not only ensure compliance with corporate legal requirements but also help control downstream discovery cost and complexity.”

Continuing Sightline’s response to the increasing volume of data and the need for improved eDiscovery efficiency and accuracy, Consilio also announced integrating its mature Envize predicted analytics engine to power Sightline’s Continuous Active Learning enhancements in the platform. The capability builds upon Sightline’s highly rated, always-on analytics libraries that include email threading, textual near-duplicate detection, language analysis, and conceptual analytics.

“We’re continually innovating on smarter document review processes to stay ahead of the data volume curve. For Sightline, we are shifting from a traditional data analytics-based review paradigm to one that makes AI-powered Continuous Active Learning accessible to users of all levels, automatically,” said Raj Chandrasekar, Chief Operating Officer at Consilio. “By taking this approach, non-technical and power users alike can greatly benefit from CAL’s capability to make document review more efficient.”

Sightline with Continuous Active Learning and Sightline Legal Hold will both be featured at the Legalweek conference on March 21-23 in New York as well as on the upcoming webinar, “Driving Effective Legal Hold Workflows with Sightline,” being held on March 28th at 12:00 pm EDT.  To register to attend, visit

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