If you’re involved with budgeting for a corporate legal department, chances are cost savings are on your mind. In light of the continuing economic uncertainty, your company may be looking at many different options to manage spend and reduce risk.

In this three-part article series, we’re covering key cost-saving strategies that legal departments should be looking at to protect the bottom line. During our recent webinar, Basha Rubin, Co-Founder and CEO at Priori, Stephanie Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief at Legaltech News, and Carol Hopperton, Legal Chief of Staff at Vonage, discussed these strategies and provided insight into their potential impact for members of in-house legal departments, including in-house lawyers and legal operations professionals. In this article you’ll learn about the importance of staffing and work assessment, and the best practices for achieving cost savings. (You can also read Part 2 on panel management.)