IPRO continues to drive innovation in eDiscovery by expanding the capabilities of the only search in-place in the market: Live EDA.

At LegalWeek, IPRO will showcase our newest user interface for Live EDA. Built with the most intuitive UI in mind, the tool guides the user through their investigations by providing insights along the way and makes it easy to find the most relevant data on any matters before collection occurs, significantly improving the speed of responses by legal teams.

Additionally, we have expanded Live EDA’s support for Google Workspace with Archive, preservation Hold and in-place search capabilities for Google drive. Live EDA is also newly integrated with Microsoft information protection allowing full access to encrypted data, leveraging tags to inform investigations and the full eDiscovery process.

The new user interface is just one of the improvements IPRO has made to Live EDA since it was launched nearly two years ago.

IPRO’s Live EDA tool can connect to more than 20 data sources and display search results in one place. That capability enables Live EDA’s instant, in-place search capability to reduce collection volumes by more than 80% versus traditional eDiscovery methods because less extraneous information is collected from the outset. This generates tremendous time and cost savings for IPRO’s customers by empowering them to make informed decisions about potential litigation before conducting a full eDiscovery process.