Harrier Search, the first bespoke recruitment agency to serve the LegalTech community, has just launched an anonymised talent marketplace (Harrier Candidates) that will bring transparency to the salaries on offer in what is still a new sector but also to the skills that are required for the variety of roles in LegalTech & Legal Operations.

Commission rates for candidates sourced via the talent marketplace will be as low as 11% for logo customers. The other benefit to employers is speed. Not only will employers be able to identify and approach talent on Day 1 of a search, but before the search has even begun they can advise the Harrier team of their future needs and in turn the team will encourage candidates to sign up in anticipation of the role going live. Employers who would benefit from the talent marketplace include:

  • in-house legal teams looking to hire legal operations professionals;
  • law firms in need of technologists, legal engineers, developers, thought leaders and those involved in the wider business of law such as Knowledge lawyers and Legal IT professionals;
  • LegalTech vendors and consultancies with vacancies in Sales, Product, Business Development, Engineering, Customer Success and Leadership roles.

Harrier’s founder, Henry Venmore-Rowland (first non-technical hire at Luminance) explains why he chose this approach: “I’m grateful for the lessons I learned having joined a LegalTech company pre-launch to the point where it had 120 customers globally. Traditional recruitment agencies are dependent on hiring consultants to grow, which means high commission rates to cover overheads, searches that can drag on for weeks and a shortlisting process that isn’t always transparent. A platform approach empowers candidates and employers alike, potentially halves costs and reduces time to hire.”

Harrier Candidates will be free to all candidates and of value to everyone from active jobseekers through to those with no intention to leave their employer. Signing up to the platform grants guest access, which will allow users to do their own benchmarking of skills and salaries. Candidates will also self-rate how active or passive they are as a jobseeker to encourage or deter potential employers from reaching out with live roles. Crucially, current renumeration is hidden from employers but desired renumeration is shared. No employer will have access to profiles of their own employees while browsing.

The platform already has its first 15 employers signed up pre-launch. Most of the LegalTech companies operate in the UK, but they also represent employers from Singapore, Sweden, Australia, Germany and the US. The marketplace is also currently free at point of use to employers, but once a threshold of candidates is met there will be a subscription charge, except for early adopters who will have a grace period for all 2023.