iManage maintains Cloud adoption momentum by delivering against changing needs of knowledge workers in a blended work environment

CHICAGO – March 21, 2023 – iManage, the company dedicated to Making Knowledge Work™, today announced substantial growth in the adoption of iManage Cloud in 2022 globally, achieving an annual recurring SaaS revenue increase of 33 percent. This figure represents growth in adoption of iManage Cloud by existing and net new customers. Organizations supported the needs of their knowledge workers, to provide a secure environment, a modern user experience and advanced collaboration capabilities to enable them to work productively in a blended work environment. Additionally, this growth demonstrates iManage’s ability to easily scale its business operation in tune with market requirements. In 2022, all customers onboarded are running on sustainable energy that is 98% more carbon efficient than on-premises workloads.

iManage’s market leadership is across regions and market segments. 80% of the Global 100 and 77% of the AM Law 100 law firms, alongside 37% of the Fortune 100 organizations, are iManage customers. In EMEA, 87% of the top 100 European law firms use iManage. In the UK, 92% of the top 50 are iManage customers. Furthermore, the annual ILTA Technology Survey 2022 highlights the legal technology community’s ongoing and substantial preference for iManage across corporate enterprises and law firms in every market segment. Globally, the trend of law firms with under 50 lawyers selecting iManage as their preferred document management platform, continued too.

This growth is recognised also independently by business software peer-to-peer review website,, who names iManage a Leader in six categories including ‘Momentum Leader’ and ‘Highest User Adoption Enterprise’ categories.

iManage maintained its cloud leadership through continued investment in iManage Cloud, closely collaborating with Microsoft to leverage Azure. Today, iManage Cloud is operating at unprecedented scale with customers benefiting from continuous updates and global access across six regions.

Through 2022, iManage sustained its focus on iterative improvements to the platform to provide a fast, reliable, and connected experience to knowledge workers. The introduction of the “Task List” in the iManage Tracker task management application, is an example.

To support the achievement of the company’s priorities, in 2022, iManage significantly invested in R&D to the tune of 21% of revenue.

“Despite the uncertainties that dominated 2022, we maintained our singular focus on addressing the needs of our customers,” said Neil Araujo, CEO, iManage. “Underlying all customer priorities was providing a secure and advanced cloud service that delivered the best possible user experience so that the environment that professionals worked within was as frictionless as possible.”

From an organizational perspective, iManage’s global workforce grew by 7% across all aspects of the business, with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) being a core strategy. The company continued its commitment to sustainability, as the organization plays its part in helping to address the global climate change challenge.

Looking to the imminent future, Araujo concluded, “The real promise of the ‘future of work’ is the ability to easily adapt working practices to take advantage of new business opportunities and make better business decisions. So, from this year and beyond, our focus is on the ‘mastery’ of the cloud. We will leverage cloud-based technology, and combine with innovative thinking, to remove the perceived limits of applications, to support true transformation in the workplace.”

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