Effective Strategies for Legal Firms to Generate Positive Reviews

In 2014, a staff member at 1SEO encountered a family incident that serves as a cautionary anecdote for legal companies. His spouse’s vehicle was struck from behind while stopped at a traffic signal, resulting in damage to the rear bumper. Initially devoid of any pain, she proceeded with her day but subsequently encountered stiffness and soreness. She chose to take a bath and aspirin instead of seeking medical treatment.

Nevertheless, on the following day, she experienced considerable discomfort in her neck and back, which posed difficulties in carrying out her usual activities. Nevertheless, she proceeded to her workplace, where a colleague proposed seeking legal advice from a lawyer, specifically a nearby attorney familiar to her colleague’s son.

She consulted with this lawyer, who proposed to represent her on a contingency fee basis, guaranteeing a settlement within a year. Despite his assurance of regular updates, he failed to fulfill this commitment. Gradually, her efforts to communicate with the lawyer were met with vague replies or complete absence of reaction. After almost six years since the accident, her case was finally brought to arbitration. Currently, she is composing a scathing evaluation of her encounter with the lawyer and his company, with the intention of sharing it extensively on the internet.

This narrative underscores the significance of online reviews for legal establishments. Adverse evaluations can have an enduring influence, and companies must regard them with gravity. As a digital marketing business that focuses on the legal sector, we stress the need of lawyers being vigilant about online feedback, particularly unfavorable reviews, and taking steps to resolve any underlying problems.

Here’s three primary approaches for obtaining reviews for legal services:

  • Solicit Reviews Directly: Clients frequently require a nudge to provide feedback. It is beneficial to request contented clients to share their experiences, providing them with guidance on the specific details to include and the appropriate platforms to publish on.
  • Ensure Visibility on Review Platforms: Legal firms should have profiles on sites like Avvo, FindLaw, and Lawyers.com, not just for drawing new clients but also for gathering reviews. If these profiles are adjusted for SEO, they can help improve online visibility.
  • Aim for exceptional customer service: Although it is not feasible to satisfy every individual, constantly delivering outstanding service might result in favorable feedback. Even in difficult circumstances, a company’s exertion can have an impact on the comments they receive.

Within the highly competitive legal services industry, reviews wield substantial influence over a firm’s reputation and ability to attract new clients. It is imperative to actively pursue favorable reviews and swiftly and efficiently handle any unfavorable ones. It is important to keep in mind that even if clients leave, their reviews will always be present and will continue to influence the internet reputation of your organization.