Casepoint’s AI-powered platform equips federal agencies with enterprise-grade tools to process FOIA requests more efficiently than ever.

TYSONS, Va., Jan 29, 2024 – Casepoint — the industry leader in legal discovery technology for litigation, investigations, FOIA, and compliance — today announced the launch of Casepoint FOIA, designed to transform the handling of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for federal agencies. With the release of Casepoint FOIA, Casepoint combines FOIA workflow tracking and management, a client portal, and payment integration with the power of its AI-powered eDiscovery platform — eliminating the need for either a limited-capability legacy FOIA solution or multiple solutions.

Currently, many agencies are struggling to keep up with a record-high number of FOIA requests, using manual methods and legacy FOIA systems that are ill-equipped to handle large, diverse data sets. These systems also cannot provide the analytics, review, and redaction capabilities that are standard features of a robust eDiscovery solution, which is why more agencies are leaning on eDiscovery platforms to help manage FOIA requests.

Casepoint FOIA sets a new standard for government agencies, offering a comprehensive and configurable system that consolidates the request process and reimagines FOIA workflows. This game-changing solution includes a FOIA portal for requesters, which is connected to a configurable tracking application — all seamlessly integrated with Casepoint’s powerful AI-enabled eDiscovery tool with review, analytics, and redaction capabilities.

Using Casepoint FOIA, agencies can:

Checkmark Monitor the entire lifecycle of FOIA requests in real-time.
Checkmark Establish a dedicated portal where requesters can submit their FOIA requests.
Checkmark Track the status of requests, from submission to completion.
Checkmark Send automated notifications and updates at each stage of the workflow.
Checkmark Manage correspondence with internal and external stakeholders.
Checkmark Organize and review records ingested into the system.
Checkmark Efficiently categorize and tag documents for easy retrieval and reference.
Checkmark Conduct bulk and automated redactions.
Checkmark Implement robust quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of redactions.
Checkmark Leverage AI-powered eDiscovery software to swiftly prepare response packages.
Checkmark Establish a FOIA Reading Room and update it with released documents for future requests.
Checkmark Compile reports for the DOJ detailing FOIA compliance.

“Casepoint FOIA fills a critical gap for agencies and eliminates the need for both an end-to-end eDiscovery platform and a separate FOIA management solution,” said Amy Hilbert, Casepoint’s Executive Vice President, Government Solutions. “With a record-high number of FOIA requests pouring in, manual, legacy solutions and processing methods are no longer acceptable. This comprehensive solution empowers agencies to meet the challenges of processing FOIA requests more efficiently than ever while emphasizing transparency and user experience.”

Casepoint will showcase Casepoint FOIA and all of its latest innovations at Legalweek in New York from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1, 2024. Conference attendees are invited to visit Booth #2305 to see Casepoint’s secure, cloud-based data discovery platform in action. To connect with Casepoint at Legalweek, sign up here.

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