Software Technology, LLC, the maker of Tabs3 software, is excited to announce the addition of trust accounting features to our new cloud billing product, Kurent. Using Kurent means solos and small firms can send Trust Requests, track deposits, set a minimum balance, run trust account history reports, and prevent common trust mistakes like ledger overdrafts. Attorneys can rest assured knowing their trust accounts will always be current, compliant, and audit-ready.

“With the addition of trust accounting features, Kurent is now a one-stop shop for solo and small firms looking for an easy way to bill in the cloud,” said Dan Berlin, President and CEO of Software Technology, LLC. “Kurent was designed to make the process of getting paid for legal work as easy as possible, and trust accounting in Kurent is no exception.”

Kurent provides solo and small law firms with an easy way to track time, create invoices, manage trust accounts, and get paid.  Starting at just $26 per month per user, Kurent is an affordable way for attorneys to bill efficiently and stay up to date on their firm. It includes dashboards that provide valuable insight into the status of work done, invoices sent, and payments collected – all through easy to understand charts and graphs.  Kurent integrates with LawPay and QuickBooks, so clients can pay invoices online with a credit card or E-Check, and firms can manage their back office accounting.

Backed by decades of legal software experience, Kurent delivers an intuitive design for small firms that focuses on – billing without elaborate practice management features to get in the way. When attorneys use Kurent, billing can take minutes, not hours, making time for what matters most: clients.

Start a free 14-day trial of Kurent, no credit card required.