See a 90% reduction in paperwork and a 25% improvement in productivity


Automates your accounts receivable. Free for One-Year.


Your small or medium-sized firm can suffer quickly, with long-lasting repercussions, if even one payment is missed. Your cash flow depends on a steady stream of reliable payments so when do you hire a collection agency to deal with your outstanding invoices? What sorts of things should you be doing before that step is even considered?


Before you decide to go ahead and look to outside help, it is important to consider whether or not you’ve taken all the necessary steps within your power to collect those overdue payments. This could include things like sending invoice reminders, making phone calls, or sending letters to your client with an increasingly firm tone. But what happens to your billable hours and your client relationships as a result of these manual methods?


Debt collection is never an enjoyable part of business, but it is necessary for your financial health. It’s hard to know when to tow the line, and when you’re being too firm. Not to mention the time and effort that goes into drafting each email, trying to remember when you need to follow-up and having no idea if they even opened and read your email.


Thankfully there are now products that can integrate with your billing software to automate your accounts receivable while maintaining a personal and professional appearance. Products like Invoice Tracker automate your invoice collection process with automated invoice reminder emails, detailed AR reporting, and instant online payment and accounting reconciliation options.


Keeping track of your invoicing is essential to increase both profits and billable hours in your law firm. Invoice Tracker includes everything you need to keep your cash flowing, while ensuring that all of your data is being accurately tracked and recorded. If your average billable hours in a day only adds up to 29% of your time, your firm needs the real-time insights, automated and customizable email reminders, and solid invoice collection software that Invoice Tracker offers.


Get ready to see a 90% reduction in paperwork for your accounts receivables and a 25% improvement in productivity by switching your invoicing over to an automated system. Sync with Clio, Thomson Reuters Time & Billing, QuickBooks, Xero or eBillity’s Time Tracker +Legal, and join legal professionals worldwide who are already benefiting from faster payments, and better client relationships.


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