IMS Is Your Strategic Partner Through Every Phase of Complex Dispute Resolution


Rely On Expertise

When stakes are high and important matters are entrusted to you, you need more than just advice and assistance—you need a true partner who understands your case and cares about the outcome. Work with IMS Consulting & Expert Services and position your case for success from the start.

IMS consultants see more courtrooms in a year than a litigator may see in their lifetime. We have supported top-performing attorneys through 43,000+ matters across all industries and practice areas, and our expertise allows us to become an extension of your team from start to finish. Our industry-leading expert sourcing and engagement process allows you to save time, gain early insights, and avoid courtroom surprises.

Our Reputation Is Invested in Yours

There is a reason you are trusted by the most sought-after clients from the world’s most reputable brands. Your reputation has been built through years of diligent practice, dedicated service, and client focus. Ours has too.

What truly sets IMS apart is the authentic relationship that starts at the beginning of your case and tracks all the way through the end. We are honored to be trusted with your reputation, and we work diligently to uphold it.

Trusted By the Best

IMS has partnered with 99 of the Am Law 100 firms, and 95% of our business comes from repeat clients.

Over the course of nearly three decades, I have worked with many trial support firms. IMS is far and away the best. I can’t imagine trying a case without IMS as part of my trial team.” –Senior Counsel, Am Law 50 Firm

I make sure to hire IMS before the case is even indicted.” –Chairman, Am Law 50 Firm

When the challenges of trial are upon us, our go-to people are IMS. We’ve relied heavily on their assistance from start to finish. The people at IMS work hard, and they get it.” —Partner, Am Law 100 Firm

If you need trial support, nobody is better than IMS. They are the best in the business and fantastic people. They will go the extra mile every time to help your client and case.” –Shareholder, Am Law 100 Firm


Integrate Your Approach

Provide high-caliber advocacy for your client with our award-winning services for each stage of litigation, arbitration, or mediation. IMS delivers the essential tools you need to prepare and win complex cases:

When you join forces with IMS, you gain the advantage. Your case themes become solid, your experts know how to advance those themes, the jurors understand and remember your arguments, and your graphics have the power to persuade. Throughout the entire proceeding, your presentation flows seamlessly.

There is no one in the industry who offers a full suite of services like IMS. After decades of litigation experience and strategic unions with renowned firms (The Focal Point, Litigation Insights, Z-Axis, & Precise Trial), we are able to offer an innovative, integrated approach to legal consultation and an unmatched level of personalized, professional support.


Collaborate with Care

As trusted advisors, the IMS team is able to help you cut through a lot of noise and save a lot of time. Our consultants have spent time in hundreds of trials. And you’re not just hiring degrees; you’re working with people who love litigation, are very committed to it, and become part of your team. Your case matters to us—we want to win too.

“Together, we win” is an internal IMS motto and a very real philosophy for us. It not only reflects how we partner for the life of your case, but it also represents the collaborative way in which our integrated departments support your needs.

You Deliver for Your Client; IMS Delivers for You

You can be confident that whenever you come to IMS, we will understand your practice and the challenges associated with your particular case. Our consistent internal communication allows you to focus on your client rather than any administrative concerns.

We are able to keep a high level of performance for every client across every industry and discipline because we follow a proven process that has been developed over decades.

Culture & Values Drive Everything We Do

IMS leverages five core values through which all strategy and operational work is driven. These values have shaped a model of management that helps us stand apart from competitors and promotes servant leadership, data-driven accountability and decision-making, seamless collaboration and teamwork, diligence, stewardship, and tenacity. We believe our people are our greatest asset and that diverse points of view lead to a stronger and more creative organization.

IMS Core Values
  • Ownership Thinking
  • Humble Confidence
  • Quality & Excellence
  • Honor the Relationship
  • Operate As One


Embrace Innovation

IMS pioneered the expert witness recruiting business to help lawyers in complex commercial litigation. After 30 years, we knew clients would benefit from a collaborative approach to connect the tools and support needed at every phase of dispute resolution. This led to our first partnership/acquisition and established IMS as an innovative leader in professional litigation services.

We Have a Pulse on the Industry

IMS is leading the way to help the world’s top attorneys create and execute integrated strategies for their high-stakes matters. Visual communication is the future of the legal field, and message refinement will become increasingly critical for successful case outcomes. We initiated the use of interactive technology at trial and continue to provide best-in-class multimedia services.

Here for You Anywhere, Anytime

With locations in major US and UK markets and expertise in remote hearings, IMS is primed to support every phase of litigation, arbitration, and mediation worldwide. All of our services can be conducted securely and effectively on virtual platforms.

IMS Offices

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Work with the Best

Provide high-powered advocacy with our award-winning consultants at your side.

  • Best of the New York Law Journal 2022
  • Best of The Legal Intelligencer 2022
  • Best of Corporate Counsel 2021
  • Best of The National Law Journal 2021
  • The National Law Journal Hall of Fame 2021
  • National Law Review “Go To Thought Leader” 2020, 2021, & 2022

Simply put, IMS makes us better trial lawyers.” –Partner, Litigation & Business Law Firm

Let’s Get Started

There is a reason the most influential lawyers and firms rely on IMS Consulting & Expert Services. We are dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for stakeholders by empowering our clients to tell clear and persuasive stories that educate the decision makers.

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