A legal marketplace has many advantages for buyers in need of legal services. Think of it as a platform like Zillow: You can put in a variety of criteria to perform a search, and then analyze the results and find exactly what fits your needs, whether that is a certain price, location, type of transaction or almost any other data point you would want to use. Companies searching for legal services on Priori Marketplace can find lawyers on our network to handle almost any kind of project. The most common needs fall into four main categories:

  1. Project based support, whether niche expertise, local counsel or simply searching for cost-effective alternatives

  2. Overflow support for high-volume company work (commercial contracts, NDAs, healthcare agreements, employment matters, marketing and advertising, data privacy and security, etc.)

  3. Staffing support, including secondments

  4. Supporting outside counsel diversity and inclusion initiatives

If your legal department is looking to hire outside counsel, you might be wondering what finding a provider on a legal marketplace looks like, and what the advantages are compared to your other options. Using a legal marketplace is as easy as performing a search. Learn how it works in this article.