The Challenge

Deploying a server-based document viewing solution like PrizmDoc is a fantastic way to view, annotate, redact, and compare multiple file types within your application. When your customers need to access and manage several files or large documents, those viewing requirements can put a lot of pressure on your server. Utilizing more server resources not only increases your operational costs, but also impacts viewing performance for customers as the server works to process the file and deliver rendered versions to their device.

The Solution

Accusoft’s PrizmDoc now features a versatile Hybrid Viewing feature that offloads document viewing capabilities to the end user’s device, which conserves valuable server resources and significantly improves viewing performance. By reducing the majority of processing work, as well as ongoing page views as the user scrolls through the document, to local devices and minimally accessing the server for initial document preparation, the Hybrid Viewing feature significantly reduces server requirements and allows users to access and view documents faster. This new feature is for the viewing of PDF files. For files not already in PDF format users can take advantage of the new viewing package which converts any file format to PDF. This helps to dramatically reduce resource-intensive rendering work that frequently impacts viewing performance, and the experience has the same responsiveness as if the user is viewing documents in a local application.

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