Cyferd is delighted to announce its recent acquisition of Tetrakursio, a Spain-based company that specializes in a recursive engine to streamline the language between microservices to scale. As the company’s first-ever acquisition, coming only a year after its launch, Cyferd is excited to be bringing on a technology that enables easier user-defined workflows and automation.

So, what does this mean for Cyferd? The company hopes to use Tetrakursio’s ‘T-ReX’ engine in the quest for effective agile digital transformation through accelerating the development of microservice architecture. Tetrakursio’s mission aims to make developers’ lives easier by using recursion (the process of one value relying on its predecessor to perform operations) to enable automated workflows.

Nacho Bibián, Director at Tetrakursio, is excited to be able to use the recursive engine to help achieve breakthroughs in digital transformation.

“Microservices are the fundamental building blocks of any platform,” Bibián notes. “In order to break a huge program down into multiple microservices, you have to address all the potential questions that can surface: how do these services interact with each other? How do they interact with the wider program network?”

Previously, organizations had to deal with a program that was difficult to maintain and ‘break down’ into microservices, argues Bibián. With Tetrakursio, organizations can transform from a long and difficult journey to one that’s almost instantaneous.

Meanwhile, the Cyferd Platform takes a unique approach to data-focused digital transformation by tackling the problem of data fragmentation and data silos at the source. The platform enables users to create scalable, secure business applications in the cloud without the requirement for coding, accelerating digital business transformation. With Cyferd, users can reap the benefits of cloud minus the complexity and reduce the barriers to business innovation.

“The timeline for this acquisition is astonishing,” Ranjit Bahia, founder, and CEO of Cyferd, notes. “In just under one year, we’ve gone from launching ourselves as a company to building out and taking on additional teams. We’re excited to see how Tetrakursio helps emphasize Cyferd’s ‘low work’ mission.”

Cyferd has already drawn up plans for the incorporation of the ‘T-ReX’ engine into the Cyferd Platform, where customers of the platform will be able to create business applications in a fraction of the time it would previously take.

For more information, you can find out more information about Cyferd here and Tetrakursio here.