Business systems management consultancy Tick9 and digital transformation company Cyferd are delighted to announce a new solution partnership, where Tick9 will be a solution provider and reseller for the Cyferd Platform.

Tick9, based in East Yorkshire, has extensive experience in leveraging intelligent data solutions to help clients understand their business better. They employ a number of smart technology suites to help provide key data to decision-makers and help businesses align their strategic goals for the future.

Tick9 utilises a host of software tools including PowerBI, Qlik, Microsoft PowerApps, and more. They help build custom solution packages for their clients’ data needs. Along with Tick9 software, the company plans on utilising the Cyferd Platform to help aid digital solutions for companies.

Previously, Tick9 achieved smart data solutions in several industries, including logistics, manufacturing, and recruitment. One of their most recent case studies saw the company streamlining customer intelligence and finance integrations for recruitment solutions provider Smart Temps.

Cyferd is an agile digital transformation platform that enables users to create scalable, secure business applications in the cloud without the requirement for coding, accelerating digital business transformation. It aims to tackle the problem of data fragmentation and data silos at the source, reducing the need for legacy systems and disparate applications.

Greg Merten, Senior VP of Alliances and Partnerships at Cyferd, is excited to have Tick9’s expertise to address new sectors like manufacturing and logistics.

“Tick9 will be able to implement Cyferd as a tool to build their bespoke digital solutions,” Merten notes. “It’s a valuable joint venture for us to be able to achieve intelligent business execution.”

Steve Fewster, Founder at Tick9, is looking forward to integrating the Cyferd platform into the Tick9 toolkit.

“Cyferd provides a great solution to build integrated applications on a data-first platform,” Fewster notes. “This reduces time-consuming tasks with no-code automation for our customers’ operational systems.”