Centerbase Launches Native Document Management for Modern Law Firms – Replacing Need for Stand-Alone, Paid Solutions 

The new capability adds additional convenience and cost efficiency to Centerbase’s single-platform solution for comprehensive law firm management. 

DALLAS, TX (January 2024) – Today, Centerbase, a leader in legal technology solutions, proudly announces the launch of its innovative Native Document Management Solution, designed specifically for the legal industry. With this new solution, Centerbase’s state-of-the-art platform continues to simplify operations, such as how law firms manage documents across various matters, clients, and practice areas. The new intuitive and automated document workflows are expected to significantly enhance firms’ service delivery and ability to bill more hours. 

Traditionally, law firms relied on stand-alone, paid platforms for document management, which often led to fragmented user experiences and disjointed core processes between matters, clients, and practice areas, resulting in increased operational costs. Centerbase’s new integrated solution is engineered to provide a seamless user experience that mirrors how modern firms practice every day. The launch of the native document management solution is part of a larger strategic imperative at Centerbase to continue to power the most efficient operational solutions available for legal firms. 

A significant advantage of the native document management solution is its alignment with Microsoft Office technologies. By leveraging these widely-used tools, Centerbase ensures that law firms can maximize their existing technology investments. This synergy not only boosts cost efficiency but also ensures smooth and successful user adoption. 

Paul Bridgewater, President & CEO of Centerbase, remarks, “Our commitment to enhancing legal practice through technology is unwavering. The introduction of our Native Document Management Solution is a testament to this promise. By harnessing the power of the Microsoft ecosystem, we are not just providing a tool for today but future-proofing law firms for tomorrow. This solution paves the way for incorporating advanced technologies like AI, ensuring that the technology journey for law firms is both beneficial and cost-effective in the long term.” 

The native document management solution is also a step forward in reducing the additional costs and complexities associated with using external vendors. As an integrated part of the existing Centerbase platform, law firms who subscribe to Centerbase will have this new document management solution included at no additional monthly cost, further driving cost efficiencies. 

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