QuikData, the E-Discovery platform rising to the top for law firms and service providers searching for alternatives  

Houston, Texas, January 22, 2024 – QuikData is a software development and legal services company that has been rising through the ranks since the first release of the Quik E-Discovery and Data Room platform in 2017.  The industry veterans behind QuikData include the same development team that developed the “Viewpoint” E-Discovery platform, the on-premises E-Discovery platform that paralleled Relativity from 2007 to present. 

For the last six years, the same development and support team has focused their effort and talents in developing its powerful cloud-based platform, Quik. In speaking with the Vice President of Operations, Greg Anderson, the message is clear:

 “Our mission is to create a platform that offers advanced features while remaining user-friendly and easy to learn.  We concentrate our development efforts on providing intuitive, yet sophisticated, E-Discovery features and workflows. We recognize that a significant segment of the market is looking for an E-Discovery platform capable of handling complex tasks while reducing requirements for training, support overhead, and extensive change management efforts.” 

The most common first impression of the layout is that the user interface feels very familiar. Users immediately notice that they can easily drag and drop or right click and find a wealth of high-powered automation and analytics capabilities right away.

When evaluating a new E-Discovery platform, the primary considerations often revolve around its power and range of features.  Key questions include whether the software is light-weight or robust enough to handle complex cases involving large and varied data sets.  

QuikData addresses those concerns by prioritizing the needs of its E-Discovery users.   The Quik platform offers essential features tailored for litigation professionals, facilitating their engagement with complex data sets and extensive document collections.  QuikData’s intuitive interface simplifies the E-Discovery process for litigation service providers, attorneys, and support staff, enabling them to navigate the complexities of E-Discovery with ease.  This user-focused approach boosts legal team productivity and reduces the learning curve, allowing users to concentrate on winning legal cases, rather than struggling with software intricacies.

QuikData streamlines the e-discovery process with its drag-and-drop functionality, powerful templates, and customizable interface, allowing users to initiate projects swiftly and in their preferred manner. This efficiency eliminates the prolonged wait times previously experienced while preparing data for review. Moreover, QuikData provides many advanced features that enable users to access crucial information quickly and effortlessly.

Sophisticated Features

QuikData’s effectiveness stems from its combination of simplicity, affordability, and a rich array of features specifically designed for legal teams and technologists.  A key component is its integration of predictive coding, a potent E-Discovery tool that significantly improves the accuracy and speed of document review for litigation service providers.  Additionally, QuikData offers advanced email threading and communication analysis tools, including the ability to handle short message formats. These features provide a thorough understanding of communication patterns, an essential aspect in many legal cases.

QuikData distinguishes itself with its concept clustering feature, which facilitates a nuanced comprehension of how documents are interrelated. This feature is particularly valuable in scenarios where identifying connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information is crucial. 

The platform’s dedication to technological advancement is clear in its ongoing evolution, guaranteeing that litigation service providers and legal professionals always have access to cutting-edge tools to efficiently manage and understand the complexities of electronic data.

Come meet the QuikData team and see Quikdata for yourself at booth 3116 on the Americas 2 Level.